Removing buried baseboards

ptmamaMay 4, 2010

We are planning to remove our old, damaged baseboards that were installed in the 1940's. The baseboards are "buried", tightly sandwiched between the hardwood floor and plaster walls. How do you do this? Is there a good tool anyone has used? Any tips?

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A wide putty knife or a long drywall mudding knife and a reciprocating saw with a long metal cutting blade.

Slide the knife between the baseboard and wall. Using the recip. saw at about a 30 degree angle, find the height to position the saw so the end of the blade just misses hitting the floor. Then pull the blade until you feel a nail. Cut the nail and proceed until all the nails are cut. You can then use the knife laid on the floor as a guard to pry up the base molding.

The other option is to rent a jamb saw and simply cut all the molding flush with the floor. You can then simply install new base and shoe moldings.

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Jamb saw at work. Also known as an undercut saw.

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