Bean Quilt?

K8OrlandoOctober 26, 2012

I was browsing on the cooking forum and came across pictures by this artist. Odd, but beautiful. This one looks remarkably like a quilt...

...but it's green beans!

He does some pretty cool things with apples, peaches, peppers and watermelon too.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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What beautiful and intriguing images. Thank you for the link.


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Isn't it funny that once you start quilting, many things look like quilts. Like the floors in some of the Italian churches, for instance. Or beautiful mosaic tabletops. Marble and granite quilts!

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You're right; I see quilt patterns everywhere. And color combinations I wouldn't previously have considered.

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Gosh Kate, what a wonderful link!! This guy does AMAZING stuff w/ these fruits? Each set of fruit images is cooler than the last -- Thanks so much for the link!!!!

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Amazing art work...really liked the "Time" piece, the juxtaposition of time stuff; and new quilt ideas everywhere.. Thanks for sharing

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What a fabulous artist! I loved the fruit and vegetables, I even got ideas on interesting ways of serving appetizers. I agree there are great quilt pattern ideas as well. I looked through the entire site and was amazed and wowed with each picture!

Thank you so much for the site.


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