Anyone regret their prep sink?

nyrgirl35April 5, 2014

Anyone regret their prep sink for taking up room on their island or peninsula? My prep sink will be about 15 ft away from the main sink.

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How far is the main sink from the fridge and cooktop?

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Main sink is close to fridge and cooktop maybe 3-4 ft

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Do you plan to prep near the prep sink? I added a prep sink, only 4 feet from the main sink, but it keeps me from having to walk around the island to get to the main sink. I initially didn't think I needed it, but I've found it to be very convenient. My only regret is that my island wasn't big enough to accommodate a larger prep sink.

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Yes I plan to prep in that area. The peninsula will probably be 60-80" long. Here's a rough draft of my plan

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Your plan is exactly!!! like what my floorplan is - down to the corner prep sink in a peninsula and the clean-up sink under the window at the other end and about the same distance..

I use mine all the time because i prep between the range and the prep sink with the fridge across the way and then I clean-up at the other end.

My baking area is between the clean-up sink and the range but only because I am an extremely messy baker and I can just throw things as I use them into the clean-up sink or the DW.

An unexpected bonus of this plan is that I essentially have two work triangles which is great if my kids are making a snack when I am in the kitchen and when we have company and someone is preparing an appetizer or salad. I am working between the range and the prep sink and they are working between the clean-up sink and the range.

I have pull-out trash beside the prep-sink and then a garbage can under the clean-up sink. It did take me about a week to figure out what went where.

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Blfenton how long is your peninsula? Do you miss the space the prep sink takes away?

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nope. :)

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I like the double sink I have. IMO in my small kitchen that makes more sense, and I have found it convenient to be able to shift things I am soaking out of the main sink to the secondary sink if I need to do food prep. No splashes all over the kitchen floor during the shift.

My sinks are right next to the dishwasher and fridge, and my extra large microwave is in the countertop corner next to the second sink, with the stove to the left of the micro.

I am short on counter space, but would not give up my extra sink or microwave to get more...but I do not have my sink access blocked by an island, either (would not have space for one!). In some ways, bigger is not always better....
My main issue is lack of storage and counter space.

As I have had mobility issues off and on, I am just as happy to have the smaller kitchen, as I can scoot around on an office chair (they all have wheels now) without an island blocking my steps, and two of the plastic floor mats they sell to protect flooring under computer chairs are just large enough. [I ruined my kitchen flooring through not using these initially, but better late than never].

Instead of a special low counter, I have a little plastic foldable end table I use; it's quite convenient, and it stays in front of my dishwasher. It's very convenient to chop things on, make sandwiches, etc. I only do light cooking, though.

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I believe my sister-in-law regrets her prep sink in her island in her small kitchen. I don't think she ever uses it and she certainly rarely uses the garbage disposal under it. It is directly opposite her main can literally turn around and reach it when standing at the main sink.

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My peninsula is 60" long and I wouldn't give up my prep sink for the extra counter space.

What I found in my old kitchen is that any counter that was outside of the work triangle became a junk collection area and there was 5' of counter outside of the triangle work area which is alot of waster space.. Without the prep sink I suspect that the counter space to the left of the range would have become a landing spot for junk instead of part of the working kitchen.

As it is, the peninsula itself does wind up with a variety of junk on it but the family knows that the junk stops at the edge of the prep sink and none of the junk (mail, flyers, wallets, etc) is allowed on the counters to the right of the prep sink. That is all kitchen space.

The presence of the prep sink makes it a very functional kitchen and it is all kitchen space.

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When I don't want to lose the space my prep sink takes up, I put the cutting board across it. It doesn't care that there's a void beneath it!

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I don't regret my prep sink in the slightest partly because, frankly, I don't even think of it as a prep sink. I never could quite get my mind around these separate spaces, though I'm still learning to think and use the space that way. But for me, essentially, my prep sink is the second half of a double bowl sink, just separated a little bit in space, which is nice. Because it allows two people to work at both "bowls".

My prep sink is quite close to my cleanup sink. And quite frankly even though it's a blanco supersingle (which I absolutely love, BTW: love. That silgranite is fantabulous), it's not big enough. If I had it all to do over again I'd make my cleanup sink bigger. I don't sit around regretting its size, but it's just not "super"-enough, for me. However, there's that prep sink nearby which functions as a sidekick to the cleanup, and that's good.

It's been commented before that a huge amount of what happens in a kitchen involves water, but this all hasn't quite sunk in for me appropriately. But in truth, if I were to do it again I might even make my already-large prep sink larger too. I clean a lot of vegetables, and having side drains for that might be helpful ... maybe, though maybe not because you also need counter cutting space, and lots of it.

But anyway, the point is, I don't actually quite see how you can get too much water-trough (i.e., sink) space. This does depend on how you use the kitchen space and the kitchen. But if you cook a lot, probably you use water a lot, and having more rather than less of it, in multiple places, is a real boon.


For the record, I have sort of an L-shape kitchen with both sinks in the crook there. Sounds weird but it totally, totally, totally works. I've had it a couple years now and I still like it better every single day. GW is an amazing resource....

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The only thing I'd change about my prep sink is it's size. It's a Franke 17 x 19. It works really well, but I'd love for it to be just a little bit bigger. I tend to get water everywhere when I use it. Other than that, I'm glad we put it in.

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