stained granite

icemanldgApril 29, 2014

I accidently stained my granite counters with red wine. It is a ring from the wine glass. Ive cleaned it with soap and water, and a generic granite cleaner. No luck so far. Can I put some bleach on it and get the red out without making it look off? Thanks for your replys

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try using a clay paste to draw it out. make a paste with something such as kaolin. was your granite overdue to be resealed? good luck!

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the acid in the wine ate through the sealer

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oh! if the paste doesn't work, the granite installer could probably buff the surface providing the stain isn't too deep.

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Icemanldg, what colour is your granite? Some find that stains gradually dissipate.

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So sorry this happened to you. Almost positive you can remove it with a poultice. I removed a maraschino cherry stain from marble with a poultice made of baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide and a couple drops of ammonia (remember NEVER mix ammonia and bleach!). Mix this to be a paste like peanut butter consistency. Thickly apply to the stain and cover with plastic wrap, taped on all four sides. Leave the poultice on at least 24 hrs. or until the paste is dry. As the paste dries it will pull the wine stain out of the granite. Repeat until stain is gone. I would start the process as soon as you can, as old stains are harder to remove. I have also read of making poultice out of Ajax and water. Good luck and let us know how it worked. Remember you may have to repeat 3-4 times.

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the granite is different colors there is beiges, brown, and black. has anyone ever put bleach on darker granite?

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I have always used Clorox cleaner with bleach on all the granites I have owned. Previous house had a white, beige, gray, black speckled granite and it would stain if red wine was left on it. I would spray the Clorox with bleach, leave on for a few minutes and the stain would get cleaned up. Current house came with Green Marinace and I use Clorox with bleach to disinfect after preparing raw meats.

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here is a picture of the granite color. the stain is minor and hard to see

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that was the best picture I could get of its color

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