Spring Retreat 2012 - feedback needed

teresa_nc7October 18, 2011

So, yesterday I did a lot of surfing and "contacting" various venues for a possible spring retreat for our forum. I looked to find a nice big beach house, but those big houses mostly do not have enough room for us to set up tables, chairs, sewing machines, and all out stuff.

I want to list some areas that are possibilities and get feedback from any of you who are interested as to which areas you might travel to for a retreat. OK?

North Carolina Coast - 2 places, one in Newport NC on the Bogue Sound and a second camp 25 miles east of New Bern

Great Smokey Mts. TN near Douglas Lake

Odenville AL - not too far from where GrammyP lives

Lake Wylie SC - another YMCA camp near the lake

Quarryville PA - only 20 minutes to Lancaster and all those lovely quilt/fabric shops

Dates are not set yet, but I am asking about March and April, 2012.

We would need a minimum of 10 forum members to set plans in motion and I would love someone else to help me organize this.

Do we have enough interest to do this? Please tell me what you think!


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I have also been in contact with Cindy at Grand Oak Retreat which is about 2 hours away from me.


Here is a link that might be useful: Grand Oak Retreat

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The one in Odenville is only about 30 minutes away from Heart to Heart Quilt shop in Trusville, AL it that helps with the decision any.


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I found the same thing about the houses, Teresa. March and April is good for me.

I don't think I would go to PA in March or April.

I couldn't find any info about any of the ones listed except the link Beverly gave. The price is good and the only problem I have are the rooms and bathrooms.

I'll be in Sevierville (Douglas Lake area) next month...anyone remember Jacke/TN? She lives there and we plan to get together and go to quilt shops.

We'll be stopping in Blairsville GA (about 10/11 hours from where we live in FL) on our way to TN. DD, her DH and his family have known the family that owns the motel for awhile and go there a lot. Beautiful area, more than clean rooms ($50-$55 a night) and the owners are fabulous in making sure all is well. Homestyle restaurants very close and I've heard they're starting to cater....so that's a possibility. The biggest problem that I see here is they do not have a conference room for us to set up. But, when I asked about it, Colleen said they had been thinking about having one available and they should know about it by the time we get there. This place probably won't work for our Spring Retreat this time as it would be Nov 20th/21st before I'll know about the conference room and see what it looks like.


Here is a link that might be useful: Seasons Inn in NE GA

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I am interested. In my case, I would like to be near a major airport (cheap flights help) and I do not want to cook or clean up a kitchen. Private bed and bath a plus.

Is Odenville a different location than Grand Oak Retreat?

I will have to look up these locations.

I will mention March in PA is still cold and wintry. I am really sick of the winter landscape by March. That said, I would still go :)

Is Camp cheerio avail in Spring? I understand wanting a different location.

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I would love to attend and am up for any location, but like the others, a private bed and bath is important as I am one of those people that are up off and on all night.


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Anywhere without snow in March or April would be wonderful. I really like the look of the Grand Oak and would love to support it. It was once my dream to own/run such a place. I don't mind a 'dorm' type room (as long as the beds are all singles, haha) but I understand people wanting their own space. I'll gladly help in any way I can.


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Well, like Marsha, nearby airports make my decisions. I can stay most anyplace if I have a private room. Remember, I have my snoring badge from camp. I prefer warmer weather and would consider Spring if it works in the schedule.

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Spring 2012 is not a possibility for me - too many other trips in the works right now, but I would be interested in the future. Like Linda & Marsha, an airport nearby will influence my decision.


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Magnolia Park in Odenville is only about 30 miles from the Birmingham Airport.


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Grand Oak is 101 miles from the airport.


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- Airport isn't an issue for me as long as the drive wouldn't be more than a couple hours from the airport. If the driving is an issue for some people, I'll be happy to share a vehicle and be the chauffeur.
- Private bed & bath would be a STRONG preference.
- A room big enough for all of us to gather for quilting/chatting/etc seems to be mandatory.
- If it's to be March or April, it would have to be early March or late April for me because of an important trip planned the first week of April for FIL's 90th birthday. Late April or May would be easier.


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I might be interested if it is the NC coast or PA near Lancaster. I wonder if anyone is interested in going to Paducah next year for the Quilt Show. Not a retreat, but it would be a fun get together for some of us from the Quilt Forum.

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I'm interested--very! Getting away from Duluth's snow (think slush and dirty snow) and cold in March or April sounds lovely to me. Either site in Alabama or a place in the Smokies sounds wonderful as long as there is sign of spring. Although I would prefer a private room, as a wilderness camper, I would be fine in dorm style rooms for this short period. I would think of it as cushy camping. And after all, sleeping is such a minor part of the retreat.

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As many of you know this chick will go anywhere! LOL

And as another northerner - a warmer place by March/April is high on my wishlist!! I will however say that an April mini-vacation to the Smokeys one year found many roads closed due to ice. I don't know how often that happens, but our 4 day stay ended up being 3 days of no travel whatsoever - which was a real bummer for us. :(
I'm only interested in private accomodations - even if DHs aren't coming along, I am often up half the night reading or online because I don't sleep well.
I don't have a problem w/kitchen duties - but of course being waited on is super nice:)
My biggest concern about Lancaster area (other than winter weather) is that w/the expense of retreat & travel I probably wouldn't have any $$ left for shopping! And that would be a REAL bummer!!!
I do like the possibility of a Paducah trip. Shorter, probably not hauling sewing machine etc, but then again, I'd have to save like crazy to be able to shop :)

Teresa, I'd be happy to help plan if it works out that it's a time I can go - he he! - minor factor, that:)

I think it's a wonderful testement to how much fun we all had & how well we enjoy one another that we want to schedule a spring retreat! And anything that allows more forum members to come is a great thing!!


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I just can't keep up with all these posts. Yes, I'd come to Culman but sharing a room will be a problem as I snore. Have badge to prove it now.

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Thanks for all your feedback! Since Beverly has set the wheels in motion for a spring retreat, I won't try to plan anything for 2012. But I did find several good venues for the future!


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Linda I also have allergies that give me a fit so I am a snorer too lol!!!!

I am interested, but right now, my nephew just went to Afhanistan this week and my daughter is having spinal fusion surgery soooooooo my brain isn't functioning to make plans.

I am not good for March 26 (blood drive) or Easter.


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Teresa, you've done some good work! Don't quit looking!
(fyi - I want my own room, too. )

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Lancaster is only a couple of hours away for me. Any farther than about 2 hours and I wouldn't be able to attend.

If you decided to do a retreat there, I'd be happy to do some pre-scouting to set up a shop hop. And uh, we could say that part of it is done, as there are a couple of shops I'd really like to go back to! And there is now a quilt museum in downtown Lancaster that's rather interesting.

And yep, private room is the only way I could go, too.


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Thanks, Kay! The private-room-only deal is the hard part - almost non-existent actually. I just thought that some quilters who haven't been to Lancaster might enjoy a shopping visit.


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