Aesthetics of Window Next to Sliding Door

dan_in_austinMay 21, 2012

We've got 3 windows in a bedroom wall that look out onto a second-story deck. We are considering replacing some or all of these windows with a sliding patio door, to give us more light and that "tree house" feeling.

The wall is only 12 feet long, and the existing windows take up about 9 feet (approximately 3 feet per window including trim). We originally considered a 9 foot sliding door, but felt like that would turn almost the enitre wall into glass, which just seemed a bit overwhelming. We settled on the idea of a 6 foot door, and just enclosing the other 3 feet.

However, one contractor suggested that we could install a 6 foot door on the right (when viewed from inside), and replace the leftmost window with one that matches the door. We like this idea, as it gives us some more light/glass, but doesn't turn the entire wall into glass (i.e., we could have furniture underneath the window).

I'm having a hard time finding a picture of a similar setup, and we're wondering how it will look. There's not going to be a lot of space/trim between the window and the sliding door frame (maybe 3 inches?). Tried to do some photoshopping, but that required so much manipulation (and skill) that I'm sure it would look nothing like the abomination that I created.

Here's a pic of the wall as-is:

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Rather than a 6' door, I think I'd consider a 5' door. Then, you have room for trim, and window treatments, etc. I'm not a photoshop person, so I can't help you there though.

Here is a picture I took (for another purpose) of our family room with a window/door next to each other. It might work to help you:
From construction

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Sorry, here is one more; daylight. we used 5' french doors, so not exactly what you are proposing...
From construction

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Thanks for the pics kirkhall - they help a lot. You're right that with a 6' door we wouldn't have much space at all between the window and door (definitely less than you have there).

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The link below has some visuals for you. Personally, I like the third pic and the bronze doors in the 4th row.

If you don't want the 'wall of glass' feel consider using a door/window with mullions. I once lived in a house that had plain glass windows & doors and I am now enjoying our windows/doors that have mullions. I know it's a personal preference, but IMO the mullions give a finished look and frames the view.

Here is a link that might be useful: doors & windows

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Sophie Wheeler

Don't forget that the window will have to be made of safety glass! That's an important consideration in budgeting this, and it will not pass inspection unless you have the right sticker.

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+1 on Hollysprings post as that is 100% correct!

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