Binding with Minky backing

loisflanOctober 21, 2011

To those of you experienced with Minky backing...

How wide do you cut your binding? Wider than the 2.5" that is typically suggested?


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I don't cut mine wider but I do sew it to the backing side and hand stitch on the front when I use minky. It's hard to make it look good on the back by hand.

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I agree, it tends to "creep" a bit.


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I cut the backing wide enough to wrap it around to the front as binding.

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Lois, what size binding did you decide to make for the two quilts with the Minky backings? I am considering using Minky as a backing.

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I checked around with several people and ended up doing it as I have for non-Minky backing. I used 2.25" binding, machine stitched it to the front of the quilt and hand sewed it to the Minky. I had no trouble at all. That being said, the quilts have not been used or washed, but I made sure I hand sewed completely through the Minky. I think it will be just fine, and I really like the way the "standard" style of binding looks. The batting I used was Hobb's 80-20 on one and a 100% cotton on the other, Dream Bat, I believe she called it. So they were not thick battings.

I contracted with two different LA quilters, so I could get to know each of them, just in case I need something in a hurry and one can't do it. I was very pleased with them both. I had heard that some LA quilters wouldn't quilt Minky, but neither of them had a problem with it. Everyone I show the quilts to just raves about the softness of the backing. I think you'll love it, Marsha.

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