Final Cabinet Design Take II

Skyangel23April 18, 2014

Thanks all for the advice so far. We've got a few days left before pulling the trigger time for our new build.

From the comments on the last design, we decided to remove the OTR microwave and do an under cabinet Broan range hood instead. The microwave will be in the countertop bookcase to the left of the fridge instead.

We also added the fridge panel and brought out the above fridge cabinets to 24" deep based on feedback.

We do have one other drawer stack on the stove wall, even though it isn't correct in the pictures. The 18" door to the right of the sink is a trash pull-out.

The door style is shaker, painted white. We aren't sure whether we are doing the five panel on the drawers or slab, which is why they are in some pics and not others. :-) I really wanted slab on the top smaller drawers and five panel on the lower level deeper drawers, but our stock cabinet company (Merillat) doesn't do that, so it's all or nothing. I want bronze cup pull hardware but I'm worried about it looking too busy on the smaller drawers (plus its an extra $700).

I'm also not sure if the under cabinet molding works with simple shaker style.

Anything else I'm missing?

Stove wall which will have a drawer drawer stack:

Peninsula wall:

Fridge wall w/ microwave in bookcase. Bookcase is 18" to accommodate several different brands of microwave so we aren't looked in to one or two small ones:

overall shape of kitchen but old so actual cabinets are incorrect:

Thank you so much for all your advice and input. It is really appreciated!

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This is also the mood board I made last night for the kitchen. :-)

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I'd rethink the bookcase. It's in your fridge loading zone.

I'd change the range wall cabinets to two drawer stacks. The range is a focal point and it looks best when flanked by drawers. Symmetry matters there.

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Sophie Wheeler

18'' isn't big enough for a MW. The smallest you want for a MW is 24, and if you want a built in with a trim kit, you need at least a 27'', and preferably a 30''. I'd do the MW cabinet to the left, preferably as a wall cabinet and not a to the counter cabinet. Get rid of the dust collector organizer cabinet. It's virtually impossible to actually clean and costs way too much to be as useless as it is. If you want an organizer, make it internal to the cabinet. And put an electrical outlet IN the wall cabinet there to charge phones ad whatnots. Frankly, the desk area will also be wasted space, as no one uses them anymore. Most get reinterpreted as a beverage station or dish hutch. Skip the part where it's a dumping ground and go straight to that in the first place.

I'd do a super susan in the corner by the range, not the blind corner. Blind corners are a PIA, and if you relegate enough space to them to use the very expensive hardware that makes them accessible, you've spent more and gaines less than going with the super susan.. You get much better storage, and it's more accessible with the susan. Do a 3 drawer stack to the left of the range, then a spice pullout next to the super susan.

Put some tray dividers in the cabinet above the fridge, and spring for the integral decorative end panels on the cabinets that are visible. There are only a few, and it's one of thse finishing details that make a kitchen. For the light rail, just the absolute simplest straight piece is all you need. Make them get out the molding box so you can see what it loos like. Looks like they've chosen something to decorative. The crown doesn't need to be too frou frou eithe. Simple cove or angled profile is all that's needed. Have them show you tespec book while you are playing with the moldings and just pick somethinhg inexpensive and simple.

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Holly, thanks for responding. The countertop bookcase is 18" DEEP, but 24" wide. There are many microwaves a few inches smaller than these dimensions, so should work okay.

Thank you for pointing out the cons of the desk organizer. Once I thought about it, I would much rather have it inside a cabinet where I can hide it. :-) I do have an outlet in the upper cabinet there and am planning a charging station there. I will take out the desk organizer.

As for the desk itself, while many to most may not use a desk in the kitchen anymore, at least a few do, and we are one of them. I actually have had a "desk" area in every kitchen I've had for the last 7-8 years, even when it was just a section of countertop w/ no drawers or sit-down space. So I know we will use it plenty, and since we plan to be here 15+ years, I am not designing for resale.

We were definitely thinking of doing a drawer stack to the left of the range. So it wouldn't look bad or asymmetrical to not do drawer stacks on both sides, as may flowers suggested? We will see what the cost is for the super susan to see if we can swing it.

We currently have regular end panels for the ends, but not the decorative ones that look like doors. I will check on the price difference.

I'll check on Monday and see what light rail options there are, and pick something simple. The crown molding is the simplest option they have.

may flowers, I will think about the loading zone issue. I could set things on the other side of the bookcase, or the peninsula prep zone is 6 ft. across from the fridge. Is that too far to use as a fridge loading/unloading zone?

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My peninsula is 6 1/2 ' from my fridge and it's not ideal for loading groceries. Things taken out for meal prep, as well as leftovers going back in, get set on the counter next to the fridge, not across the kitchen on the peninsula. It is a little more inconvenient with a FD fridge to use an adjacent counter, but it's better than walking across the kitchen constantly.

I don't think a bookcase is practical there. What if the fridge moved to the other end, closer to the sink and dining areas? Then the fridge is more solidly in your kitchen triangle while the desk is on the periphery.

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Hi May Flowers, thanks for your response. This is not a custom build, unfortunately, so some of our design choices were limited to the models and pre-designed kitchens the builder had. Plus we are past drywall, so changes are limited now. We have had an island in previous homes so I am a little nervous not having room for one here, that is so convenient to stove/fridge/sink/ect.

Really, we can have the bookcase next to the fridge to house a microwave (outlet is on counter, not up in cabinets, which is why the bookcase/open appliance garage is needed, and then have a modest range hood. Or we can do the OTR microwave, and not have the bookcase/open appliance garage at all.

We could do a moveable island on wheels that would have to be about 24" wide by 42" long--I don't even know if that's big enough to be useable. It would leave 34"-36" aisle clearance on all sides, and could easily be moved over or taken out the kitchen altogether when large groups are present.

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