Can speed oven really replace microwave?

bethankfulApril 10, 2014

I'm planning to replace my OTR microwave with a hood and my double oven with an speed oven/microwave combo. But since we frequently use our microwave, I'm afraid we might not be happy with this arrangement.
What if speed oven was just used and it's hot and then we want to use microwave function? And since there's no carousel does it heat evenly?
It's just my husband and I (empty nesters) but resale is on the horizon. Should we just continue with our double oven and put a separate microwave on a shelf (don't like it under the counter)?
Those of you who have the speed oven combo and really use the microwave option daily, are you be happy with it or do you miss having a dedicated microwave?

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Not sure about the heat part going from hot oven to mw but I think they do have a turntable. My mothers does. She has to remove it to use the oven part.

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I have the GE 240
You can use MW while still hot from speeding but not the sensor option.
Most times, I MW before speeding and hope for no ticket

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I have the Miele speed oven that acts as my second oven. The only issue is that if I am heating up leftovers in the microwave after using the oven conventionally, I can't use a non-heatproof container. No big deal, I just put the food on a plate. The plate will get hot though, so I need to be careful about that. There is no turntable. The food heats evenly.

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I have the Miele Speed Oven & have been using it as a microwave while waiting for the rest of the kitchen to be completed. It definitely works well as a microwave. I've finally started cooking again (baby steps). I used it last night in the combination micro/convection (speed) mode to cook a frozen casserole. It was delicious & took much less time than my regular oven. I think it can easily replace a microwave. We're also empty nesters & I think I'll be using the speed oven more than my regular ovens when cooking for two. For the big family holidays, it will be my third oven.

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Thank you for the advice.
Romy - what kind of setup do you have since you also have 2 regular ovens? Are they stacked vertically? If I keep my double oven I thought I'd need to have the speed oven installed in a cabinet separately.

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I have an Advantium 240v. I use it frequently as a microwave after using the speedcook option or using it as an oven. It has a turntable. Just wear an oven mitt putting things in it after using the oven function, and don't stick plastic in it immediately after using as an oven. I prefer to microwave most things in glass or on a plate anyway, so that's no big deal.

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Ditto to Meangoose on the Advantium.

There are enamelled metal trays for use on oven functions that replace the glass microwave tray on the turntable. You can cook right on them, or put your pot on them. I don't do a lot of fast switches between modes, but I've never had any trouble. It's just an issue of where to put a hot tray.

The Advantium is the best microwave I've owned (though that's not saying a lot because I never had a fancy one before).

That said, a speed oven is really expensive, and a countertop microwave is really cheap, and both are going to gradually lose power over time, which is the nature of microwaves, so you'll be saving money in the long run, if your family microwaves a lot, if you have a less expensive dedicated unit for them.

Try the Appliances forum for more information.

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