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weedyacresOctober 13, 2012

Our last out-of-state rental (of an original 3) is on the market. It's a 912 sf 60 yo house that still had its original kitchen and a lot of banged-up and garishly painted walls and trim. 4 weekend trips with Mr. Weedy, working long days and into the night, and it's spruced up and ready for a (hopefully) quick sale.

In addition to the new kitchen, bath, and flooring, we put in central heat/air (Mr. Weedy is one talented man) and painted every stinking wall, door, closet, and piece of trim in the place. Plus a host of other spruce up/clean up things like replacing doors, hardware, outlets & switches so everything would feel clean and updated.

Here are some before and afters.

It comps out at around $95K (market has picked up a tad since we listed our last one almost a year ago) and it's on the market for $99K. Doing FSBO since there's a well-visited site in the area and it worked on the last one. A neighbor will show the buyers around.

So that's it, no questions or anything, just posting to the community that I've been hanging out in for the past couple years. You can certainly pipe up with suggestions for improvement if you want, but be advised that we're 400 miles away and unlikely to follow through on any of them. :-/

Wish us luck!

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Wow! That kitchen layout is 100% better than before! Your poor renters!

Too bad there wasn't a way to minimize the tape lines(?) in the room that went from hot pink to neutral... The hot pink/red color didn't seem to show the tape lines as much (probably due to lighting).

It does look much, much better. And, wow! what a talented Mr. Weedy you have!

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It's very nice and should sell quickly.

It's begging for an evergreen shrub (4-5') to the right of the front door...that big blank exterior wall. A arborvitea would be a nice choice, or something of that height and shape.

Too bad you chopped the shrub that was under the window on far right/front. It was a good height and just needed a trim.

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The "tape lines" are actually paneling seams. The original walls are aluminum sheets, some previous owner paneled the whole place, and they've been painted a dozen times since. It is interesting that the seams show more with light paint than with dark paint. It seems to be the case with this room as well (at least in photos; don't know if that'll be the case in person).

Though not really in this one:

As for the front landscaping, the helpful and well-meaning next-door neighbor cleaned out the beds for us during the week while we weren't there, and, well, over-edited a bit. Since he pulled weeds, edged the sidewalk, and fixed some concrete, we couldn't really be mad at him. :-) I did add a small bush to the right of the door and some mums and daylillies in between, though obviously that's not visible in these photos.

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I'm really curious about these "aluminum" walls. I remember you saying, on a previous rental house, that all the baseboards/trim were aluminum. And, I thought that really weird. I still think that weird.
But, my question is, do you get cell phone reception in these metal houses?

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Kirk: first of all, I erred in saying the trim was aluminum. I didn't paint the other house, so hadn't paid close-up attention. The trim is wood, and is screwed into the aluminum walls.

No problem with cell phone reception inside the house (at least for me while I was there working). I hadn't heard about the issue, so went and googled it, and have linked below to someone's analysis. Perhaps I had no issues because I have Verizon, which has a strong signal about anywhere.

Our first showing is scheduled for Friday!

Here is a link that might be useful: cell phone reception with aluminum siding or insulation

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