subcontractor as remodeler

richardtbMay 18, 2013

I am doing a major apartment remodel, 300-400k.
The architect has already done the architecture plans.
Originally, I was going to hire an engineer to draw the mechanicals, and then use those to get the city permits and pick a contractor.
Our architect has however suggested that we hire three subcontractors (HVAC, plumbing and electrical) to draw the mechanical plans. Each company has an engineer, so they will be able to put an engineer seal on the plans. What do you think of this option?

PS: note there was a typo on the title of my thread. It should have said "subcontractor as mechanical engineer"

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If I were doing a remodel that expensive, I would want ONE company with the three disciplines do the drawings AND the work.

Matter of working together---the HVAC guys need specific room, the plumbing often has to work around the HVAC, and the electrical has to avoid both.

If the designers work for the same boss---and the workers work for the same boss as the designers---the one boss makes sure all the above do the best job.

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Thank you handymac. However that is not an option. I should have mentioned that the apartment is in a high rise and that everyone has told us that we should stick to companies that have already done work in the high rise. So, we haven't heard of a company that does that with experience in our building. Hopefully, the contractor will make sure that all the subcontractors work together.

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