Depth of drawers front-to-back

olivertwistkitchenApril 5, 2013

I have a few banks of drawers that I am ordering extra-deep, and I was surprised that they are not as deep as I thought they would be.

Current counters and base cabs are 24" deep.
New counters will be 27" so I asked for full depth drawers in some of my drawer banks. KD is now telling me that with extra deep drawers I will have only 24" of usable space inside. I was surprised because I was expecting more space than I have now, albeit in a standard base cabinet.

This is what KD told me:
A cabinet will have almost same depth as cabinet minus the backing if it is a Shelf.
Once you add a drawer the space is taken up by drawer glides and thickness of wood for construction of the drawer.
24" deep base = 21" usable drawer
27" deep base = 24" useable drawer

Is this correct? Thanks.

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Wow, ok, thanks!

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My custom, full overlay, framed cabinets have slightly less than 20" front to back.

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OT - I received our email and will attempt to post pics this weekend.

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OT - be still my heart! Motherof3sons, did you mean tile instead of email?!!

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I just measured our drawers in a 24" base. The inside dimension of the drawer, front to back is 19.5". The outside dimension, minus the faceplate is 21". These are drawers in a frameless cabinet, but I don't think that matters for this purpose.

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Under-mount drawer slides come in 21" and 24" lengths (shorter lengths also). Due to their design the outside dimensions of the drawers have to match the chosen length exactly. This means that the longest drawer that can fit in a standard 24" base is 21". Base cabinets that are deep enough (typically 27") can use the 24" slides.

Side-mount slides offer greater flexibility in drawer depth, but they are significantly less popular for kitchen use these days.

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