Sink in non-standard cabinet run?

crl_April 10, 2014

Our house was built in 1926 and still has the original kitchen. We are in the early planning stages for a kitchen remodel. The sink run of cabinets is not 24 inches deep. On one end it is 23 and on the other it is 21. There are doorways that would complicate installing standard depth cabinets.

So I'm trying to think through a sink installation. Currently there is a wall mount faucet. I do not want to repeat that mostly because we want to enlarge the windows and bring them down to nearly counter height. Also because I would like for the faucet to be easier to replace.

Are there sinks that are smaller front to back? Would an apron front sink work better as it could protrude a bit? I guess we could just build the sink cabinet in the middle of the run a bit deeper and have the cabinets on the sides shallower?

Thanks for any thoughts on this!

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Fori is not pleased

People do do sink bumpouts, and not because they have to!

But I think I'd do it with an apron front sink and just have the sink stick out extra far. The ergonomic benefit would be awesome and it would look just right in a '20s kitchen.

Are you sure about losing the wall mount faucet? I miss the one I had and they aren't THAT hard to find. You'd have to sacrifice a sprayer though, and those are darn nice.

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Yes, it's the sprayer that totally kills the wall mount faucet for me. Plus, I really want the windows to come way down. Thank you!

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There are wallmount faucets with sprayers.

Here is a link that might be useful: example from signature hardware

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Yes, thank you! I should have been clearer, I'd rather avoid the side sprayer. I haven't seen any wall mounted faucets with a pull down or pull out sprayer. Although I definitely could have missed one. But the wall mount faucet really might save me some valuable inches. . . . . But it would also prevent me from taking the windows down to within two or three inches of the countertop. And I really want that to help open the space up visually.

I measured where the sink currently is (and where it is likely to stay) and it is 21 inches from back to front of the counter top. Yikes. So this seems like it would require a four inch bump out or having the sink sit four inches proud or some combination thereof. That does seem awfully far into a small work space. It would theoretically work as the sink spot isn't near any other cabinet runs. But I'm wondering if I wouldn't just be constantly bumping into it?

Interestingly it seems some of the fire clay apron front sinks are just 18 inches front to back? I had dismissed fire clay as not durable enough. But the size is intriguing. Anyone happen to know of other sinks with smaller back to front dimensions? I'm not having much luck finding a site that lets me use that as a search criteria.


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speak to the pros at Julien sinks or Dino Rachiele at Rachiele sinks.You can get a custom sink and you should. there may be an aspect of this stretch of the run and the cabinet/sink install that can stand more scrutiny. they'll take a graphic dimension sketch and look and help you.There are plenty of other places as well that make custom sinks but these two are rather well known for starters. I wouldn't assume that I knew exactly the way to approach this until I ran it by a pro.

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Jaclo makes a wall mount faucet with a pull down. Pricey. I know because the deck mount is my ideal faucet should I ever run across a deal.

Here is a link that might be useful: jaclo

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Hmm, custom sink. We are planning on soapstone counters and I had considered a soapstone sink as that could be made whatever size I wanted. But I really prefer lighter sinks (white or second choice stainless). I am reluctant to go down the custom path partly because I suspect the price is high but more because if the sink fails ten years down the road, I'd like for it to be easily replaceable. But I will give this option some more thought.

Ouch on that jaclo--though I am sure the quality is awesome with that brand. And very good to know! Thank you!

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Have you looked at Kohler's cast iron apron front sinks? I linked to the Dickenson model below. It's 33" x 22-1/8" x 8-3/4". That is slightly deeper than your current counter but I think it's doable to do a bump-out there to handle the depth required. Here are images from houzz to show you what that would look like.

3" bump out:

Farmhouse Kitchen by Bedford Architects & Designers LKM Design

Traditional Kitchen by Frederick Interior Designers & Decorators Meredith Ericksen

Are you planning to add a DW? If so, that cab section will also need to be 24" deep.

Might be worth posting a plan of your kitchen, with dimensions and location of doors, windows, etc and asking for lay-out help. More eyes on your plan may help uncover a solution you haven't considered.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dickenson sink,

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Thanks! Yes I am thinking a farmhouse sink may be the best fit for the situation. I do plan to post for layout help soon, but haven't quite got my act together yet on that one.

We actually managed to squeeze a Bosch dishwasher into the existing cabinet run to the left of the sink where it is slightly deeper. My contractor is a bit of an old house magician. :). Sadly we had to sacrifice the original ice box to do it (still have the delivery hatch on the outside of the house!). But as my neighbor said, those old ice boxes are charming, but a dishwasher is so much more charming. I'd like to switch the dishwasher to the right side when we remodel, but I'm not sure my contractor is THAT good at squeezing things in.

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