Applicances on the diagonal, across a corner?

diane4570April 25, 2009

One more post this afternoon, if you don't mind! (DH is gone and I've been pouring over posts but must get SOME work done before he gets back!)

In planning new kitchen (remodel) layout, some have suggested putting the refrigerator across a corner, diagonally, some the double wall oven and some the kitchen sink. Besides losing the blind corner area you would otherwise have, are there considerations or reasons to do this, or not, with those three items? Thanks.

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We tried to put our refrigerator in the corner on the diagonal, but found that the doors (side by side) would not open all the way without bumping into the countertops on either side. Didn't consider the oven or sink, but it seems as though those would be better choices for a corner since oven doors would open out/down and sink is just stationary. Good luck!

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I considered this briefly, but you loose a lot of extra room if you want the front of the corner appliance to be flush with the front of the line of cabinets. If you don't, and you just push the appliance as far back as it will go, then your counter will have a jog where it recesses from the line of cabinets to where the appliance is.

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Corner ovens, ranges, and sinks are not that unusual. Corner refrigerators, though, are...for the reason HappyToBeHome stated.

The biggest negative for corner appliances & sinks is that they do take up quite a bit of wall room. E.g., a 33" wall oven cabinet will take approximately 48" on each wall in the corner; a 30" sink requires a 42" corner sink base (meaning, it will use 42" on each wall). However, if you have enough wall room they can expand your layout choices greatly as well as add an interesting look.

Here are a few threads that may be of interest to you:

Sink in a corner?
Show me your corner sinks, please!
Corner Sink and Pull-Out Trash

Marandall's Corner Sink Construction Slideshow

Wall ovens in the corner...thoughts?

GWers with Corner Sink: IglooChic & Marandall
GWer with Corner range: SharB (See the Finished Kitchens Blog (FKB))
GWer with Corner wall oven: Alku05

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My recommendation against sinks in a corner is that there's only room for one person there. If you happen to be handwashing for whatever reason, it's difficult to get someone else close to take care of the drying. Not a huge problem if you don't hand wash much, but I thought it was worth pointing out.

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I've read that the DW hookups are somewhat harder with a corner sink as well. I don't think I'd like a corner sink, but I might like a corner range, or corner cooktop. The corner double oven might be too large for me. I wouldn't try the fridge - it seems like fridges just don't fit well anywhere!

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I never thought about not being able to have someone dry dishes for me when washing at a diagonal sink. That wouldn't be good when the whole family gets together. Thanks. My GC said I'd only need a 36" sink base, but after looking at the specs in the cabinet catalog, it seemed to me it would have to be a 42". I will proceed with caution.

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Not intending to bump, I just wanted to give those who attempted to link to Marandall's sink slide show the new link to her pictures.

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Our wall ovens are in the corner. Buehl's right; they do take up a lot of space that way, but the benefits to our particular layout far outweigh that small sacrifice in our large kitchen.

If anyone is interested in placing ovens in a corner, I have a saved thread that many have found quite useful. Just email me through MyPage and I can send you a copy.

Here's a picture of our kitchen:

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