anyone have experience with a loma from fema

loves2readOctober 19, 2012

We applied and were granted a LOMA a couple of years ago when FEMA sent out new flood maps in our area and said that our house's garage fell into the new flood plain...

FEMA did this without any on ground survey or even any flyover--

it was in response to some flooding in our areas a couple of years before when some homes suffered damage from creeks eroding their property and one person was killed when a mobil home park was not warned/evacuated in time...

ALL of that happened away from our neighborhood...


we had certificate of elevation done and sent off and the LOMA removed the requirement

Now we are selling that house and can't locate the LOMA letter info...

I know--really stupid--

The survey company who did the LOMA submission won't just make us a copy...

Does anyone know if FEMA will give us a copy?

They are closed at this time and can't get anyone until Monday...

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If you don't have any luck with FEMA, your local municipality should have the documentation on file and it is public information.

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That info is not filed locally--unless FEMA sent info to our city
we paid to have the survey company do an elevation certificate and the LOMA filing--it wasn't cheap
we sent the info to our bank/mortgage company because they had gotten FEMA notice initially and notified us...
We pursued that LOMA to avoid having to take out flood insurance as well as the negative perception when you sell your house...

We did find the LOMA info--was in file folder (unmarked) on my husband's desk...which is not how I remember finding think he transferred the info to folder and didn't mark it...
Very scary and glad to have it...

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I made lots of copies of our LOMA! One is in the safe deposit box even.
I took a copy to the county too.

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That is good suggedtion about copied
What county dept?

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Your local municipality will have the latest flood plain map on file because they need it for a whole slew of various planning, permit and insurance purposes. If they don't have a document from FEMA that shows your home was removed from the flood plain, you might want to clue them in.

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Don't remmeber which office. Our county departments are all in one building and I just went in and they directed me to an office. They said it wasn't necessary, but I felt better about it.

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