Vinyl Siding color fading concerns!

JaniceMay 18, 2007

We are getting several quotes on vinyl siding (Alcoa products)and so far the two that have come out

have differing opinions as to the advisability of some of the darker shades. I would like a shade of green

that is a warm, more deep olive tone called "Lakeshore Fern" or perhaps the "Pebblestone Clay", which has

less color depth.

The one guy says the darker the color the more apt it is to fade, and the other says they have greatly

improved the vinyls and colors whereas that is not such a concern anymore!

Any opinions on who is more right in this situation? They both are from very reputable companies!

Thank you so much for your consideration and thoughts!


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My vinyl installer says the darker the more likely to fade and the more heat absorption. But you are probably looking at a twenty to thirty year lifespan, perhaps longer providing a good old western Kansas hail storm or tornado don't come along and then all those years don't count and all that worry about fading did no good.

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I'm sure any color will fade over time so why not get what you like? We went with coastal sage, love it & will do it again. There is a product (linked below) that will bring back the color should you get fading. I used it on shutters, been over 2 years now & they still look GREAT! Available at Homedepot too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Restora

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Vinyl siding on an old house??????? One of the ultimate sins!!

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Oops, wrong forum,,,,, just passing through,,, scuse me.

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Both of these are true. The vinyl has much better uv inhibitors to help with fading, but any color will fade, and the darker the color, the greater the effect. This is not usually a great issue, since this process takes place gradually over time and you don't really notice the have to make any repairs or change some of the siding because of damage, which then contrasts the new to the old. Since these are not very common occurances, I suggest you pick the color that is pleasing to you.

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Thank you everyone, for your thoughts and opinions!

I guess we will pick the Pebblestone Clay, although it's probably the same intensity of color!
Since we are opting for the verticle Board and Batten, now, that is the closest to the feel of
what we already have. The fern color would have been perfect--but like I said, not an option
with the vertical!!

And, it does make sense, that the fading would be so gradual as to not be noticed, until time
to repair it, if necessary!!


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I want Indigo (made by Amcraft, Thunder Bay series) on the house we are going to build. It is a deep heritage blue. Our builder is adamant about dark colors fading, especially blue! Now my husband has become concerned. It looks like I won't get my blue house. Do any of you know anything about the quality of Amcraft, or do any of you have comments about blue siding?

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Just wanted to show you my house in Lakeshore Fern! Not completely done yet....

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Jillie--that is so beautiful!!! I love the shake look and the color is awesome!
I know you will love your new home!!!


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Very very nice!! Love that color and the way you used it with the roof and stone. If I'd read about that combo it would not have sounded good to me but it really looks wonderful.

We also did a dark color in vinyl shake - on an old house, no less which according to mr havac posting above, is the ultimate sin ;-) !! Oh, well.....! Enjoy your home!

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Thanks!! I love it more and more each day myself. I was so sick of boring beige! Can't wait until we are in!!

dlm2000: I love your color too - is it montana suede??

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Our siding is manufactured by Cedarway (Atlantis Plastics) because that's the only product with corners that my DH liked, but I didn't like any of their colors. They agreed to do a custom color which is basically an old color, Sawmill, from Alcoa Cedar Discovery. We never do anything the easy way!!!

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Anyone know where I can order custom colored vinyl siding? I have to do my home one section at a time (about 3 months apart) due to budgeting and I'd like to match the current paint, which is a very distinctive mauve. Thanks!
PS - Please email me directly if you have in pertinent info for me. Thanks!

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