Any James Hardie installers out there?Please look & calm my fears

stephpiMay 8, 2010

We are redoing the front of our house in James Hardie siding. I will post before and after pics as soon as it is done. I am very concerned about the unfinished look of this siding. Is this normal?

I know that they still have to do caulking, but are those cuts okay? They all seem so uneven. I would love to know what the experts would say. Thanks!!

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No, not OK in my book. For many reasons.

Cuts are not true, straight, sharp, whatever you want to call it.

Caulking that edge to trim joint will be an ongoing maintenance issue, will never look "good" and is a mickey mouse way to do it. Simply put, it is going to allow water to enter. No ifs, buts or ands.

The siding should be brought up to a PT backer strip, caulked and then your trim is placed onto the backer strip such that it overlaps the joint. So, backer is 2.5 inches wide, trim is 4 inches wide. When you trim, it covers the siding/backer joint by 1.5 inches.

That gives you a nice shadow line and hides the caulking, etc.

You are spending a lot of money on the Hardie, have them do it right.

Sorry if I sound harsh are paying, get what you deserve, that isn't it.

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