Person I hired did 3 bad remodeling jobs

poochokidMay 26, 2012

I NEEDED 3 THINGS DONE AT MY HOUSE. A new front porch door installed. Old sidewalk removed and a mew one installed. A attic window with rotting wood replaced. I talked to a guy I new who said he could do that stuff for me. I hired him I wrote down total labor cost and he asked for half the money up front I wrote that down and wrote down when I paid him the rest of the money. I never put anything else in writing. I trusted him because some friends said he could do the job and they also knew him and trusted him. He put my sidewalk in all wrong and it is so bad it needs repairs or replaced. The porch door was also not put in right. the window is OK. He said he would fix the sidewalk and would not charge not. I believed him And payed him the last of the money. I did not know the door was bad till later when he was gone. I got ripped off and now I have to have the work done right by someone else. It has been two weeks and I have not heard a word from him. I was told after the fact I should have got everything in writing. Can I do anything to this guy for his bad job or do I just learn from what happened and move on. The next time I hire someone what should I put in writing to make it a legal contract to hold up in court. I want to write the contract myself.

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If you pay half up front for a job you do not pay anymore till everything is inspected and approved by you. Then you do not have to go to court.

Write it off and move on, he's not coming back.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Write it off and move on, he's not coming back.

I agree

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Small claims court?

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Before and after pictures.

Invite those "recommending" individuals over to see his handy work and ask their opinion.
Explain to them that you do not hold them responsible, in any way, you just want them to see the quality they are referring to others.

Then again, if they think the quality is might consider narrowing your horizons and adjusting your directions.

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3 rules fo hiring people to do your work
1 if they have the lowest quote skip them- even they know they cant actually finish the job correctly on that.
2 if they dont have a contract for you to sign, thats the first sign to skip them. contracts are to eliminate confusion and a must have for both parties.
3 never hire anyone who can be there in the next 5 days or less. This rule is simple anyone that is honest, and worth thier pay will be scheduled out for atleast a week lol at a minimum. if someone isnt working, and isnt scheduled out into the future, its not the economy, its the standard of thier work. they are sitting on the couch watching tv, waiting on the next victim to call.

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I am a Remodeling Contractor. In fact, when everyone else was tearing down and rebuilding new, that is when I started my remodeling company in 1999. Remodeling and repair is all I have ever done. I refer to me and my guys as the "aged existing structure specialists." is giving you good advice for the next service experts you hire. I just wanted to add to it: 1) Please take a moment to go online to to see if the person and/or the company is listed. Call the local chapter then to find out how much they participate. Also look for CR, CLC, CGR, etc., next to his name. These are very difficult certifications to obtain and then keep through the years.

In addition, please go to The Better Business Bureau has a grading system of A-F. They also keep complaints on file for at least 3 years. None of this can be bought by the company. If a company has an "A" grade, that comes from meeting certain criteria on a consistent basis. All companies, BBB members or not, are graded according to the same scale and criteria.

Chalk this one up to a "learning expense." Follow the rules that and I have offered up for your knowledge, and you should be good to go the next time. Oh, I also like the recommendation of having the people over that referred this guy to you.

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