Please give me your comments on our proposed builtins

cookingrvcMay 26, 2010

We have decided upon built-ins for our new family room and I'd like to get some opinions and suggestions.

Below is a scale drawing and a picture of our new space. I've also included an image from the web that we found very appealing which was the basis for the drawing.

I welcome any comments or suggestions for making this a standout. Thank you.


This is the drawing:

This is the new space (far wall with electronics connections)

Web Pic:

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Beautiful. Your proposed built-ins are very similar to what we had built last year. We love our cabinets and shelving. My suggestions are:
1. Consider building the bottom cabinets deep enough to hold all your components. Our open shelves on top are not as deep as our bottom cabinets.
2. Have shelves inside the cabinet that will slide out for ease of access
3. Consider doors that can open 90 degrees and slide back on tracks into the inside of the cabinet frame so the doors can remain open and not get in the way

Good luck!

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Thanks Molly.

The center unit will be 22" deep (we still have to check thedepth of our largest electronic) and the two sides will be 18" deep. The shelves on the sides will be 15" deep.

Lighting in the top, glass shelves within wood frames so the glass is not seen from the front.

I like the suggestion about slides for the cabs - we will on;y need this for the center cabs. Nice idea about the cab doors on tracks, however I think all the electronics that are used most often will be infrared but I have to check.

Tell me, have you any pictures of your builtins?

Thank you for your comments.

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