Help?! What program changes house Colors?

kari0868May 9, 2013

Thanks for checking out our farmhouse. I want to paint the shutters but really want to see it first somehow. Is there an app for that? We only have iPod and iPad. No computer. So photo shop did not do it. Any opinions how to warm up the house a little more modern? Taupe shutters? What about shakes in the peaks?


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Colors on a computer screen really do not translate well. I've looked at plenty of samples on the internet, and the real colors are always totally different.

How about brightening up the main color of the house? That off-white looks like the fog in Pacifica. I would paint the siding a bolder color, or a brighter color. Not off-white. Pick an accent color in the same pigment spectrum, but still plenty of contrast. The dark rust and off-white just clash too much.

My recommendation is to find a house with really nice colors and try to match what they've done.

Also, pick "standard colors" if you can. These come pre-mixed from the factory with standardized pigment batches. The "custom colors" never ever touch up right. The pigment batches always very slightly from one to the next.

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Try Sherwin Williams or Pilxr.

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pick your paint brand and then go to their web site. They may have a tool that will let you upload a picture and paint their colors onto it. (Not sure it will work on a tablet though.)

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