Best way to remove a glue down wood floor?

darenkaMay 26, 2007

Oh you remodeling wise ones--does anyone have any suggestions for removing a glued down wood floor? We were hoping it might be a floating floor--no such luck. I cannot just leave it because then the hallway would be 1/2-3/4 inch above the living room. I'd prefer not to go back to the sunken living room of the 70's. I just want a beautiful expanse of gorgeous wood floor throughout. Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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What is it glued to?
With concrete you can usually pop it off.
With wood it is often easier to cut through the floor and the sub floor, strip to the joists, and lay a new sub floor.
Ripping it off from a wood layer will leave a rough surface that would require a new layer to smooth it (some of the sub floor usually comes up).

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I had no idea how lucky I was to have it glued to concrete. I guess this means a trip to the hardware store to find a bigger pry bar--maybe mine is just too undersized. Well, while I'm doing jumping jacks on the pry bar, I'll say "at least I'm not replacing the whole sub floor". It's just another adventure in home destruction/improvement. Thanks for reminding me it could all be much worse. It just needs bigger tools! Of course, I am missing out on the chance to do some more destruction with the sawzall.

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Wonder Bar

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