Halloween Costume Sewing

K8OrlandoOctober 28, 2012

OK - I admit it's not quilting but some sewing was involved. Here's the costume I made for Scout the collie for his first Halloween with us. He's a good sport but a little unsure about the whole thing.

I'm not really a basketball fan but when I saw this kid's jersey at Goodwill I knew I could make it work for him! The arms are knee-high hose, stuffed with batting.

Kate (and Scout)

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That is just too cool. You are just so clever. How long till it shows up on utube?

This seems to be my first year not making a costume for the GD in Boulder, CO, so I don't know what she's come up with. I was worried it would be large and flambouyant but time has now run down so they must not be expecting anything from this end. I hope they send pictures after.

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LOLOLOL.....I cannot believe you did that to poor Scout!! Priceless, Kate, just priceless!


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That is really funny. At first glance I thought you photoshoped his head on the costume. LOL

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It turned out even better than I hoped. I was laughing so hard I had trouble taking the picture. When he walks, the little stuffed arms kind of bounce and he turns his head to bite them. Its hysterical.

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Too funny! I hope you get a video of him walking.

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Kate, it is difficult to type a response to this because I am laughing so hard!He looks like he is a bit embarrassed by the whole affair. Will you take him trick or treating? or will he help pass out the candy?I have a little clown costume for Penny - she is not too fond of it either.


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You did a great job and it turned out very cool BUT I am not sure you doggy appreciateds your cleverness as much as everyone else does, I agree he kind of looks embarressed. TFS

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What a hoot, Kate! You are so creative. I could never have come up with such a clever idea. Very funny. Lois

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Hilarious! Our Greyhound loved to play dress-up!

Did you get your Elna back to whip up this masterpiece?

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I hate to admit it, but he does not appreciate the humor of this situation. Sarah loved to dress up and I was hoping he would too; maybe he'll learn to like it. He does cooperate though and for now I'm happy with that much.

No, I don't have the Elna back. Still waiting. I'm poised to buy a new machine but what I buy depends on the Elna outcome. Impatient? Oh yeah!

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ROTFLOL...OMG...this is way too funny...DH burst into tears as well. Sarah's costumes were cute, but this is just downright hilarious. Baxter and Zoey just declared they don't want you to ever visit us at Halloween.

Halloween may get canceled this year cause of Sandy, Frankiestorm (changed it to female). The Fed Gov't offices shut down, State of MD offices shut down, local county gov't offices shut down, but the City of Baltimore is open for business tomorrow! Not sure I'll be joining my fellow workers!

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Too cute!!! My grands always made costumes for their pets and some tolerated it and some did not lol!!!

He does look adorable!

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That is so funny Kate! Love it!
Linda OH

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Poor baby. He looks adorable, but it may be wounding his masculine pride ;-)

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He just looks like he wants to say "I don't know this woman, never saw her before in my life". Is he looking over to your husband for salvation?

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