Talis S no longer has 360 degree radius

juleecatApril 6, 2013

I spoke with manufac. rep. Talis S no longer pivots 360 degrees, so the handle cannot be installed front-facing. Back to square one....

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I have two of this high arc Talis S model. They DO swivel 360. Proof:

Here is a link that might be useful: My Talis S that swivels

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Yes, Breezy. You are one of the lucky ones that purchased this while they were still manufacturing it!

Here is the reply from Hansgrohe....

All of our current catalogue faucets are only designed for the handle to be on the right.
We do have a few models that you could look around for online that could be positioned that way.
They would have to switch the hot and cold supply line so the reading on the handle will be the opposite but it would work.
Those model numbers are:

06801000/06801820 or the 06697000/06697860

I am a little hesitant to purchase one of these models if I find them online-might make replacement parts hard to find if needed. But so far, the few I have found online are actually the "newer" model, even if they are listed with the "old" model number, and they only swivel 150 degrees.

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Molly Phillips

I have a brizo solna that looks somewhat similar and can still swivel, if you need another brand.

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Have you tried eBay? Maybe you can get one of the earlier models. I've had good luck with finding discontinued items on eBay in the past.

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Have you considered the Blanco Purus II? I've got mine installed front-facing.

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Ebay currently has what they say is a 360 degree swivel and the model number is listed so you can verify. The price was good too.

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I would have zero trouble buying a faucet like mine from a merchant still selling it even if it was discontinued. The parts, should you ever need them, can't be all that different than the "new" model. I don't feel the least bit worried that my faucets are discontinued. That happens all the time in the plumbing world.

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Yes, we ran into this as well. Ebay has them and I also found them on Amazon and other sites. It's exactly the same faucet, just with a different degree of swivel so I wouldn't worry about parts for it.

I was surprised to learn this too (when we received the one I ordered) but the primary dishwasher says he wants it on the right (which is where the one we have right now is) instead of in front, so we're going with it that way.

P.S. Be careful where you buy it from. I had an absolutely wretched experience with Home Perfect when I tried to buy that faucet and it came defective. In fact my credit card company is now handling it.

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DH and I ventured to a plumbing showroom this morning. DH wants the Talis S and doesn't mind the side-mounted handle...he does more of the cleanup than I do, so decision made! Great price on amazon right now-time to order! Thanks for all of the input.

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In case that falls through, I think this one at Costco is similar (but swivels 360):

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.costco.com/Hansgrohe-Metro%E2%84%A2-HighArc-Kitchen-Faucet-with-2-Function-Pull-Out-Spray-Head.product.11675574.html

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