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maritime_lindaOctober 31, 2012

Hello ladies, I have a bit of embellishing to do on a Christmas Wall hanging and will be using metallic thread. I've never used this before. Any pointers or cautions that anyone would like to share would be appreciated. This would be final stage.... through top, batting and backing so would be considered quilting. I do have a needle for metallic thread.


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Test on a sample sandwich first!!

You may need to reduce the top tension a bit. Stitch SLOWLY! If your machine has a "half-speed" or "turtle" mode, engage it.

Stop every few inches and let everything cool off for a few seconds. The metallic threads do heat up the needle with friction. I found when using metallics on upholstery-weight cotton velvet (comparable to a sandwiched quilt) it really helped to pause the machine for for 20 seconds or so. These were dense satin-stitched embroideries.

If you have Sewer's Aid (a liquid silicone lubricant - safe for sewing machines), a few lines down the spool work well.
Another thing I've found is the humidity level affects the performance of the thread. Dry, dry air is not helpful. The Sewer's Aid will help with that. So will a humidifier.

So, above all, patience when using metallics.

Good luck!

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Mary gave good advice for metalic thread.
My word is if you haven't purchased the thread yet look to find YLI gold thread. I used to get it from Clotilde cat. but it must be availabe elsewhere.
It superior to any metalic I have ever used and when I was selling I used it frequently. It isn't as stiff and sews very much like ordinary thread.MHO

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Thanks Mary for all the great tips. I did practice quite a bit. Believe it or not, I had better results when I increased my upper tension slightly. However, my machine did not seem to like the metallic thread at all. I found it would sew for a bit and then the thread would not move freely through the machine. Sometimes the thready part would have frayed away and I was left with just the nylon. I would stop, rethread, sew a bit and then the same thing would happen. Fortunately, I was stitching rays coming from the Bethlehem star, so I would just stitch one ray, stop, rethread and continue like this till I finished. My SIL had given me her thread. The label was gone, but I doubt it was YLI, Jayne, She had a lot that she had purchased at a guild "bring and buy" a few years back. She had used it without any real difficulty. I'm going to see if my local quilt shop has any. Anyhow, with the exception of a little sleeve I need to add to the back, the hanging is done and I'm pleased with it. One more UFO moves to the "Completed Projects" category. Yay!!!

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