Augh! How to hang a wreath?

oceannaJune 20, 2009

I bought a wreath hanger to go over my front door a few years ago. The bend at the top of the hanger was "thicker" than my door, so that the hanger slid all over the door horizontally every time the door was opened. I folded a piece of paper to put under it but it fell out. Besides, how tacky was that?

So... I got a 3M hook and followed the directions and stuck it on the door. I even painted it to match the door. I waited the prescribed hour, then hung my favorite wreath on it. Yesterday I came out to find my favorite wreath laying face down on my front porch, with pieces broken off it (grr!!) and the hook lying on the porch, and marks on my door where the hook had been.

NOW how do I hang a wreath? The door is made out of a mystery substance. I dunno what it is, but it's not wood. Maybe it's metal. Maybe it's fiberglass. Maybe it's compressed industrial waste.

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I don't have one myself but I remembered there was another question about this, not too long ago.


Here is a link that might be useful: wreath hangers

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I have used monofilament fishing line. Put a flat thumb tack in the top of the door (not the uppper part of the face of the door but the actual edge that is the top...the part that is a couple of inches thick). Make a big loop with the wreath on one end and the other end over the tack. Tie the loop securely. Shift the knot to where it is hidden at the top of the door.

I'm sorry you had trouble with your Command hook. I've used them many times for many things without an issue. However, I try to wait longer than the hour called for by the instructions.

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I've had a rotten time with the Command hooks too, even if I followed directions to the letter and left them overnight before putting anything on them. I ended up Freecycling a bunch of them.

If your current wreath hanger is nicely decorative, you can pad the inside with those stick-on felt or rubbery-stuff pads that go on furniture feet until it doesn't slide anymore. You can get it in strips at Home Depot, costs about 3 bucks a package.

I hear ya on the "compressed industrial waste" doors, too. We have two exterior doors that we don't know what the devil they're made out of. They're not wood, they don't feel like fiberglass, and they're not steel because they won't take even a strong magnet. We might have to take out the doorknob and look. LOL

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I've only tried the commond hook to hang a wreath on my fiberglass door and it didn't hold but a few minutes. So I used a tad of super glue since I'll need the hook next year. It's at the top of the door and matches the color of the door so it's not noticeable.

So I don't believe those commercials when they are hanging a small vacuum cleaner on the wall using a command hook. Nope, I don't think for a minute that really works.

I'm sure they work well on some surfaces, I just haven't tried them on any other one since the door hanger failure.

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In that other thread about this someone suggested installing a door knocker so you can hang a wreath on it when you want to.

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Thanks everyone! I picked up some thumb tacks and some fishing line at the store and I'll try that next.

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I've been using Monkey Hooks for quite a while to hold my wreaths, and they work great. Tiny little hole in the door and not screwdrivers or hammers needed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Monkey Hook

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If you have a metal door you can use the magnetic door hooks. They work great on mine. To see if the door is metal try putting a magnet on it.

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DD I'll check that out. I think it's metal. I'm just not sure.

Nature, I'm positive I couldn't put one of those in this door.

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LOL, O! I ended up putting my wreath on the FP mantel. I got the 3M hooks, various sizes, but not one of the hooks were large enough to fit my wreath.

And since these are new doors and the house has a great view out the door, I decided not to block the view with a wreath.

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Why couldn't you put a Monkey Hook in your front door? It sounds like you have the same type of door that I have, and it was no problem at all. If you can put a nail, screw, or other type of hook in your door, you can put this in too. And it won't cause your wreath to fall to the ground.

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