What is an average cost of spraying knockdown texture?

katestemMay 17, 2010

Hi, my fiance and I just purchased our first home in Gainesville FL. we got it for a good price but the inside needed to be gutted. Now we are to the point of needing to get texture done on the interior. We got a quote for a knockdown texture and it was $1500.00 for a 1500 sq ft house (3 bed/2 bath). I just need to know if this is a reasonable price or not. Thanks!!!

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Are you sure that you want knock down? We decided not to get it. Find a house with it and check the line where the ceilings and walls meet and where the wall meets the trim. The paint line will never be straight with knock down.

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Is knockdown texture popular in your area? Here (PNW ) orange peel is fairly common and I have two textures in my home. They did the ceiling in knockdown and the walls in orange peel.

I understand what southgeorgiamom is referring to, but I have crown molding in my home and have not found it that difficult to cut in a straight line when I painted. Of course, it all depends on how heavy the knockdown is!

Get two more quotes to get an idea of pricing for your area. I would also suggest you ask to see some of their work.

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Doesn't sound bad price wise. Is the house empty? If not be warned it is a VERY messy job. I did mine myself with a hopper gun and probably $40 worth of mix.

Painting and cutting in is a bit tougher but if the knockdown is not too heavy the lines are ok. I'm in CA, KD is pretty common out here.

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Does the above quoted price include prime and paint of the ceiling?

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