Layout help please!! Island out. Peninsula in. Thoughts?

homebuyer23April 12, 2013

I have been working on a layout for months (many of you have helped me much along the way), We finally got to take down a half wall in kitchen and now IâÂÂm sure I donâÂÂt want an island with seating, it was too tight having seating in the traffic path. We have 4 doorways in the main traffic aisle.

I am very comfortable having the peninsula, we mocked this layout up and it just feels right.

IâÂÂd REALLY appreciate feedback on the functionality of this layout. WeâÂÂve ordered nothing still so anything can change. IâÂÂm doing custom cabinets so any size changes you suggest should be able to be accommodated.

And weâÂÂre willing to move windows if needed, but IâÂÂm really liking this layout because it keeps our existing large bumped out window intact and just closes up a smaller one on the left. I do have another version with a small window to left of stove and sink window shrunk which I think has better symmetry but if this works id like to avoid making those changes.

Is the wall oven in this location OK, even though traffic passes by? Im having a very hard time with oven placement since I desperately want a 36 induction cooktop, but I understand installing an oven under it isnâÂÂt the greatest. I could switch the REF and oven cabinet I suppose, but then the REF does seem a bit far from the sink.

I have thought of a billion other options for example putting sink on peninsula & centering cooktop; or cooktop squeezed in on Powder room wall with, single wall oven under peninsula & sink centered on long wall . But after much much deliberation IâÂÂm thinking this works best for me, but I need to be sure that IâÂÂm not missing something.

Thank you for taking time to look, I really need adviceâ¦all feedback greatly appreciated!

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reduce the size of main sink cab to 30 or 36 in -place 2nd small sink in left corner or on left side of U somewhere. place fridge where oven stack is. Place mwave amongst wall cabs on bathroom wall and oven below counter somewhere. what are your wishes for cart or small island?[can't read it]

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I had the DW "around the corner" and HATED it. I would move the trash to the island (most trash is generated during prep) and choose a smaller sink in order to have the DW next to the sink. I'd also swap the fridge and oven, for safety and traffic flow reasons. The food to the island won't be much further, but you now won't open a hot oven door directly into a fairly well traveled path. No, it's not ideal to have a fridge there either, but something has to give a bit. If you have room behind that wall to recess the fridge, it can give you greater capacity in the same amount of space without going to a counter depth model. I'd also move the range down from the corner a bit, as it's better for the clearance of the corner cabinet doors. You won't bang them into the range or have the opening stopping short because the doors fold against the range's side. Here's a quick cut and paste of the suggestions.

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Thanks lwo and herbflavor so much.

I am working on a new layout taking into account your suggestions.

Herb if I try to get a prep sink on the left side, the only spot I see left for my wall oven would be over on the right, under the peninsula, assuming I move the DW back next to sink as LWO suggested.
Is there any reason why I couldn't have my wall oven over there? I had it there in this other layout I had worked fact, does this layout work?

This has always actually been what I envisioned for my space, I am dying for a big sink with a big window. I've started to understand the prep sink thing & would like to have one, but I'm thinking my kitchen is a size where I could get away without one.

The REF and cooktop make sense to me here bc that's where they are now, but I believe this would be such a vast improvement because now I'd have a ton of room between sink & cooktop plus the island to prep on.

Can a cooktop fit in a cabinet set up like this?

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I like LiveWireOak's layout with the sink arrangement. Now two people can access the sink at the same time, and the DW is easily accessed being placed to the side of the sink. However, I wouldn't want to live with a fridge off by itself in that far corner and would put it back where you have it in your layout, homebuyer. My suggestion is that you reconsider putting the wall oven under the induction cooktop. I have that situation using a Bosch oven built in under a Bosch induction cooktop and have found it to be not bad at all in actual use as I had previously been concerned. Granted it's not quite as nice as the oven at eye level but not a bad compromise. This thought is coming from someone who had two built in wall ovens for 35 years previously so I know the different trade-offs between the two arrangements. The only caveat with the Bosch wall oven under the Bosch induction cooktop is that the countertop height should be raised one inch to allow the recommended air space allowance between the two appliances. However, I found the higher counter to a more comfortable working height for someone like myself who is 5'4". That leaves the question of where to place the microwave and would depend upon your frequency of use and preference. I would put the pantry in the far corner either with, without, the MW. Anyway, it looks like you're coming into the home stretch and wishing you the best with your final layout.

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I prefer my pull-out trash besides my sink so slimy, gooey chicken parts and handfuls of vegetable trimmings don't have to travel across an aisle to the trash. I think baking prep would be done on the island, but for most prep, you'll do it at the sink.

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Thanks all. I also like Live wires suggestion to get the dw next to the sink and agree it's ideal. But then I feel like I am really cramming a lot into that run and I'm left with only 24-30 inches between sink and cooktop for prep. I have the island too which should probably be adequate but it's a rathe small island I just think id feel better with more counter between sink and cooktop.

Can anyone comment on the last layout I posted? I was told before, I think by Lwo! That a 36" cooktop on the PR wall is too tight. I have been considering going to 30so I can do that and get my big sink/ window wall and have alot of breathing room. But, I really think the 36" cooktop dropped in the cabinet next to the corner with the 3" filler could work...?? No?

Also wonder if it's not smart to put wall oven on other side so far from hood? But I was thinking it gave me a nice "baking" zone..?

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Explore the reasons you'd pick 36 vs 30 in cooktop on their own merits. Have you looked at high end 30 in-don't they have transition zones that meld 2 spots together as a feature....or other features with the rings that would make a 30 in completely adequate? Since you are going for induction and that is a higher end product see what you can avail yourself within that choice category. Probably 12 in to the left instead of 15 would be okay, because there will always be areas on the cooktop to set things since I doubt all the rings on a 36 inch unit would be in use that often.

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I am not a kitchen expert, but my layout is much like yours. I also wanted the 36" induction, but decided to compromise on a 30" slide-in range, that just makes the entire layout work! Also, in your first layout, simliar to mine, except cooktop and sink switched -- I HATE being "trapped" in the corner by the peninsula when standing there doing some work. In that respect, LWO's plan is much better!

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