Where to place the kitchen

jbgoalie1May 20, 2013

We have just purchased our 1st home and we would like to remodel or move the kitchen. We want a more open floor plan so you can socialize for the kitchen. We are ok with having to move the kitchen if needed but are also ok with it staying in the same location if possible. Here is a rough sketch of the living situation. If anyone has any ideas on how or where a kitchen could go please let us know your ideas we are up for anything.

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Sophie Wheeler

Label your diagram please. What is the ceiling height? Are you on slab or crawlspace foundation? Any DIY skills? Are you really up for dumping a bunch of money (and it will be a BUNCH of money if you start moving plumbing, electrical and HVAC!) into a home you just bought?

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I think more info would be needed. Post a layout how it is now with details, windows, doors, etc.

Rarely is moving utilities expensive unless you are on a slab.

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