Use of a blanket vs a quilt or coverlet for top of bed...

ajc9June 13, 2012

Hello all!

With a duvet and shams...I don't really think I want a coverlet for my guest bed. Anyone ever use a blanket for the top of your bed? Check out my link below...this is a substantial blanket...very pretty in gray!

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanket

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My experience with blankets on the top of the bed is that they usually don't lay very nice and they are not even, end to end. But I agree, that one is a very pretty one. Maybe this one would be different.

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Is this over the duvet ? It is a beautiful blanket...but I am confused. Thought a duvet would be the top layer?

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Joanie...I thought about that...hmmm. I guess I just like the blanket and the color goes well with what I'm going I want it to show. I called today...the blanket is 8 pounds...not sure how thick it is which would help with it looking hefty I suppose. Most blankets seemed to be 5 or so pounds on their site. They r sending a swatch which will help!

Anni...Im for sure no expert in putting together a bed! Hence the reason I've been posting so many questions about it..haha! What I was the blanket would go over the sheeting...with a duvet over top, folder in half at the end of the bed? So, with the shams and such...maybe a foot and a half or so of the blanket would be showing. Weird sounding?

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No...I think that sounds perfect

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That's the way I make my bed. I have the duvet folded at the bottom and the top sheet folded back over the top of the blanket/quilt/coverlet so that you see a swath of the blanket/quilt/coverlet between the sheet and the duvet. Then the pillows are placed at the head of the bed in layers. I imagine that the blanket you linked will look nice.

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Ok...thank you again! The swatch should be here in a few days. It's more than I prefer to spend on a blanket...but it may be worth the splurge;)

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I did this with a very heavy, winter blanket from Peacock Alley. It had a satin finish on all four borders and looked very pretty. Since I already had it and it was right color, I saw no reason to buy anything else at the time.

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Sometimes that arrangement looks best when the blanket and top sheet border are tucked in all the way around. I like it - it's layered, but not too much, and welcoming.

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