Change the door between the house and the garage?

mdjonesMay 15, 2007

We've got a pine interior door going from the kitchen into the garage. Would it do any good to change this door into a steel insulated exterior door?

If so, can I just remove the screws from the old door hinges and hang the new one (of the same size) in the existing jamb? Or do I have to get a pre-hung door?


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I think it would depend on whether or not your garage is heated? If it is, I probably wouldn't worry too much about it. Do you feel cold coming through or around it in the winter months?

Also, I think a pre-hung might be easier unless the hinges line up perfectly or the sizes are the same it will probably be harder to retro-fit a new door to an old jamb than just replacing the whole thing. Also, you might not get the best seal around the door. Just my thoughts though...

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If you buy a new door that is the exact size of the old one it's fairly easy to install new hinges on it to line up with the old hinges still on the door jam. But make sure the opening is square and level. If not, it probably would be easier to rip out the old jam and casing and replace with a pre-hung door.

I definitely would prefer a metal insulated door between garage and house. In addition to energy efficiency it also offers greater fire protection.

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Depending on local codes you may be required during a remodel to put in a metal door for fire protection - we were!

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The door jam is either fabricated for the present door or it came prehung as a unit. It is highly unlikely that a new steel door will line up with the existing hinges on the present door jam and most often steel doors come prehung on a metal frame. You can purchase wood doors and mortice them to match existing hinges on the wood frame. You can't do that with a metal door. Also, the metal door will more than likely be thicker than the pine door so it probably won't fit the frame regardless.

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We were required to have a fire rated door. 20 minutes, I believe. It did not have to be steel. We were also required to have self closing hinges.

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Same as sue36, here. I had to have a fire rated door. One problem I had with my door was that it was too low (and it was ugly.) My contractor raised the door about an inch and now I can have a thicker rug on the house-side. Before when you opened the door, the rug was pushed out and got stuck underneath because the clearance was bad. It is those little things that make a remodel worth it.

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