I'm Mechanically Inclined - NOT!

ritaweedaOctober 8, 2011

A couple of days ago I decided to try to get back to FM quilting, had been doing some light regular piecing with regular foot, thread etc. So I dutifully cleaned out the bobbin/feed-dog area, re-threaded it, put in the correct thread in the bobbin case. It immediately jammed. I did all the above again. Again, jammed. I think I did it 4 or 5 times, got fed up and walked out of the room. I called that machine everything I could think of. Went back again today and remembered to tighten the tension back on the top thread and re-threaded it, noticed that the thread wasn't even in that thingy that goes up and down at the top - what's it called? Now why didn't I think of that the other day? So now the grand-kids are coming for the weekend and I can't work on it. Anyway, am I the only one who is mechanically deficient and please if anyone out there is the same way, let me know, I'm feeling really dull-witted here.

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Raising hand.....but, like you did, walk away from it, come back later and you see what the operator error is.

You are definitely not alone!'


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We all have our moments. Walking away is usually the best solution. Rethreading is usually my first step before the manual comes out if I have already taking it apart to clean..

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I have had my machine for almost 10 years and I still have the manual within reach at all times!

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Me, too, Kate.

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Been there...done that....and if they had a t-shirt I would have one lol

I also keep my manual nearby and take it with me to every class I go to.


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For under $10 I was able to purchase the service manual for my machine on-line. Really helped me understand exactly how it works.

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I had the same sort of issue with one of my machines this weekend. I hadn't used it in a few months (and I've only had it about a year), and when I'd cut the thread, it would shorten it so much that the thread would come out of the needle and I'd have to re-thread it. I was sewing HST, so it was very frustrating! Finally I drug out the the manual and realized I didn't have it threaded correctly and it worked just fine. Made me feel pretty stupid....


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LOL!!! We all have those days. And the 'duh' moment does make you feel pretty dumb.

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I probably am wearing my feed dogs a bit, but I always sew off the end about an inch or so, and cut between. They never undo at either end and no long threads hanging.

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