how much difference in saleability does the landscaping/lot make?

happymary45October 7, 2009

I'm not referring to location within the city. I'm talking about the placement of the house on the lot and the presence of mature trees, green grass, landscape shrubs...

could it help bring the house up to the price of another house that's for sale in the neighborhood that has a bit more square footage but doesn't have as nice a yard?

I'm in San Antonio and shade is IMPORTANT. Also, the market hasn't been affected by the recession anywhere nearly as much as other places in the country. Opinions are welcome!

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Curb appeal is always important when selling your house.

Will a house sell for more with good curb appeal? Possibly. Will a 2B2B with mature landscaping sell for more than a house that is 4B4B and no/lousy landscaping in the same neighborhood? Possibly, but unlikely. Landscaping, even mature landscaping can be added for a price. While landscaping costs a bundle, a house addition costs even more.

All things being equal if you are talking the houses are in the same shape, same number of bedrooms and baths, and only a few hundred square feet separate the two, the mature landscaping may win out, but probably not at a substantially higher price.

Best wishes.

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IMO, curb appeal will bring buyers in for a quicker sale, but it won't increase yor price.

Nice landscaping doesn't have to be expensive. Dh did some research on fast growing trees that were appropriate for our area. He found some hybrid willows that grew about 30' in two years. The trees were ordered online and only cost $100 for ten 'sticks'. The drawback to willows is that they probably only live 10-15 years. On the upside, hardier trees can be planted at the same time if desired so that there are mature trees when it's time to take down the willows. We improved the curb appeal of our yard for around $500. That included some trees, annuals, bulbs, and landscaping 'rocks'. In the grand scheme of things, our improvements weren't expensive, but they did look really nice when it came time to sell the house. The key to having it look nice for less is to plant things in the yard when you move in instead of waiting until time to sell.

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I'm finding that certain buyers get really attracted to privacy and quiet. My property has mature landscaping as do my neighbors. Mine is an older neighborhood. People who come are very attracted by the quiet privacy. You cannot see the other houses because the shrubs and trees are very large. Some people find it desirable, others see maintenance.

I think it plays a part but might not determine the sale unless the person really wants isolation or the house offers the size and style they desire.

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Thanks everyone. WE are the folks with the established landscaping and oversized lot. Not acres, mind you, but bigger than the other lots in the neighborhood.

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Old mature trees in a neighborhood with none are definetly worth something. In TX lots with mature oaks and other non scrap trees do get a higher price. I would think a house with the same would get higher too. Just not sure if they are equivalent though.

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It is pretty hard to put a price tag on landscaping. I don't think you can necessarily say that mature trees are worth $X more. However, a house with great landscaping/curb appeal will bring in more prospective buyers. More traffic = better chance of getting the best sale price.

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DH and I have a farmhouse, but decided to buy a house in town also to be closer to work and better schools. After living in the country for so many years, mature trees, shubbery, and privacy were hugely important for us in choosing a house in town. We were able to find a house in town (where the houses are often "shoe-horned" in, on a half-acre lot that feels completely private. I will say that we are probably the exception, not the rule, and a lot of other people may see it as "maintenance". I think if you do have a beautiful lot, the right buyer will come along.

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I live in Texas and a nicer lot would make a huge difference to me. You can remodel a kitchen or bathroom but you can't grow mature trees in 6 months.

But not everyone feels like I do. If the other house is much nicer and larger inside it will probably sell for more.

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Hi Mary.....the lot would be very important to me because I spend more time outside than in, but it will depend on your prospective buyers. A younger couple with growing kids or little time for maintenance might feel interior square footage is more important. Everyone has their own criteria. Buying a house is like finding a mate...........everyone has different tastes and desires, thank God.

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