Anyone have marble on perimeter and soapstone on island? Pics?

lafaciaApril 21, 2013

My budget is not keeping up with my big plans. I could do soapstone on the perimeter and marble on the island to save money (instead of all marble) but I really like a white farm sink surrounded by marble. Seems like a soapstone top on my island might be a good alternative.

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My plan is the opposite - Soapstone on the perimeter and Marble on the island. I expect my perimeters to take more abuse (cooking & cleaning) and I want my island to be the star. I think a white farm sink is going to look awesome surrounded by the black with white veining of the Soapstone⦠:-)

Lafacia - I know this is not what you asked for, but since you have not received any responses yet and our plans are similar, I thought I would share.


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True - that will look great and it does seem to be the more popular option. I'm having a hard time switching gears and deciding to change up my vision. I was thinking soapstone on island was like having white cabinets, marble and a walnut top on the island. Same kind of contrast. Well, hoping to see some photos or get some feedback.

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I have that setup and did it for reasons of practicality. We prep everything on our island and I figured that the soapstone could handle the stress and the mess (it totally does!).

These were taken about 4 hours after our counters were installed (a couple of years ago), so still very messy, unorganized, not put together and grainy:

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Thank you so much! Helpful! Island is white too? I thought I was going to stain it but if I do the soapstone I may not. I also found this photo online.

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I thought I remembered a couple of kitchens with that configuration, but I can only find Imfletcher's stunner, which I remembered incorrectly. She has marble perimeters, walnut island, and soapstone on a couple of other spots.

I'll keep trying to remember who else had this combo.

P.S. In my area, SS was almost as expensive as my 4cm Carrara perimeter so there was no savings there for me when I was considering island tops.

Here is a link that might be useful: Imfletcher's marble, walnut, and SS.

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Thank you. Such a pretty kitchen! I'm actually looking for marble with some butterscotch/brown in it so that rules out carerra and puts me in the price range of danby and the various calacattas. Ouch! I'm trying to re imagine my dream kitchen. That's why I need the visuals! : )

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I have white macabus on the perimeter (which I think you could imagine is marble) and soapstone on the island .I wanted the soapstone on the island because that is where we do most of our prep plus all the teenagers hang out there. To be honest, either stone would hold up to the abuse of the prepping and the kids but I wanted more white in my kitchen than dark.

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