Bamboo floor in kitchen

Nancy212May 11, 2014

We are soon to have our existing kitchen gutted as well as have an addition added to expand the kitchen. I have read mixed answers as to whether a bamboo floor should be installed on the entire floor before cabinets or install the cabinets then add the floor with a trim to complete the finish. The bamboo flooring people I spoke with said it's not necessary to install under the cabinets. Which I found interesting since that would mean buying more flooring. I've not talked with the contractor who is doing the project for his opinion.
Thanks for any ideas, suggestions or recommendations!

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You can install under, but you don't need to.

What you do NEED to do is bring the level of the floor under the cabinets to the same level as the finished (bamboo) floor, otherwise, your cabinets will likely be too low to accommodate your DW, etc.

They can do that with plywood or other sheet wood product. Just make sure it is the same height as the finished bamboo floor product when it is all said and done.

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We had bamboo flooring in the kitchen in our previous home and did what kirkhall sai - plywood under cabinets. The same applies to all finished flooring. Some people want finished flooring under their cabinets in case they want to remodel and not have to redo the floors. I personally think that will never happen :-)

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BTW, we loved the bamboo floors!

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Install the flooring complete first. It will make the lives of the flooring and cabinet installers much easier. The slight increase in material expense is much more than offset by the increased labor of having to cut around cabinets and shim.

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My research (on GW and elsewhere) led me to the fact that whether the flooring goes under the cabinets or not is basically a 50/50 proposition --- 50% of people (including professionals) think yes, 50% think no (and I am on my third kitchen).

I still doubt there are but a few people who replace cabinets on top of existing flooring.

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I love the look of bamboo flooring. However, there is a wide range of this type of flooring available and one needs to proceed with caution. Below is a link to a GW thread about bamboo flooring and there are several other links within that thread that would be useful for you to read before you settle on using bamboo in your kitchen. I'm not trying to discourage you, but you might avoid some mistakes if you check out this info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bamboo flooring

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There may be a couple of good bamboo products out there, but the one I recommend and install it TimberGrass/Terragren.

In one of the links above, one of the posters wrote that
"Bamboo is relatively soft. It is 1180 on the Janka hardness scale. Harder than Pine at 690, softer than White Oak at 1360...".

Not quite accurate. Understand that "carbonized" or "caramelized" bamboo, which is heat treated to darken it, is rated at 1180. The carbonizing process softens the wood. Uncarbonized "regular" bamboo is somewhere around 1650 on the hardness scale.

Bamboos are made differently. For those that are ply products, I prefer each layer to be bamboo, for the product to be 100% bamboo. The ones that generally suffer are those that have a soft wood core.

Just my opinion.

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When we did our remodel in 2012, we had our bamboo flooring put down throughout the space before the kitchen cabinets were installed. We love our floors and despite having bamboo in the kitchen we've had no issues whatsoever. They look and feel great!

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