Frankenstorm? Bad Weather!

K8OrlandoOctober 26, 2012

Hoping none of our forum members (posters and lurkers) suffer any damage as Hurricane Sandy moves up the coast! This time it looks like Florida will be spared but they are predicting Sandy will merge with a couple northern systems to create some really bad weather by next week; I saw a report calling it "Frankenstorm". Usually they make predictions that don't come true, but stock up on candles, meds and food before it hits, just in case it's as bad as they say it could be. Don't forget an extra bag of food for your pets too. I know you have quilts to keep you warm!


Here is a link that might be useful: Frankenstorm prediction

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Yes, it looks like Marsha, Jen, Fran, Trish and many others are right in that path. Hang in there girls and be prepared.

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One of the tracks has the storm ending up on littlehelen's porch! Too close for comfort!

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My neice Katrina was a bad storm and my sis Sandy looks the same lol!!!

We are reported to have very strong winds and little rain. Stay safe Northerns and keep us posted.

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Kate, I heard that silly name Frankenstorm on NPR this morning! Jeez. Hopefully it won't disrupt my sister's travel plans - she's on the way from DC right now and flies back Sunday afternoon.


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I am really NOT HAPPY with this!!!! We lose power on pretty days......I am getting ready to cook some meals that can be easily heated. When we lose power, so do the restaurants, hotels, gas stations, grocery stores....everyone! I'm usually good for about 4 days.
We just got the boat hauled this morning, so out of sight out of mind-for better or worse :)
My vision isn't good, my eyes are not in synch and I have the Mother of all Headaches.......I don't think this is going to help me any :)
This is a hybrid storm - yay!
Don't sit on your porch Valarie!

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Donna, I'm watching TWC and it looks like your sister should plan to stay an extra few days just to be safe.

Be safe everyone.......


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Yes...I'm directly in the path of the weather and no I'm not too concerned, but do appreciate everyone's kind concerns. I'm schedule to be in the Annapolis area on Sunday and I'm hoping the rain holds off until after my visit. Unlike Marsha, (knock on wood), we normally don't experience much power disruption (it's all underground), we're situated on high ground, (so flooding should not be a concern), but we do have lots of old trees that may come down. I guess I'll go to the store and stock up on white goods, pet chews and potables! :-)
I've got more quilt projects than I could ever finish in one I think I'm good for the duration.
Ya'll stay safe and dry and I'll do the same with DH and two terrified little boston terriers...(they don't much care for stormy weather)!

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Hope all remain safe. This winter started off strangely here in California too. There was a tornado watch in three counties around me and damage in a nearby city. We're much more used to earthquakes.

Snow on the mountain tops is pretty though and skiers are heading to Tahoe for opening weekend.

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And guess who is flying to DC tomorrow for the Marine Corp Marathon on Sunday???? Who else but DH and me. We will be there till Thursday. Yes I am packing flash lights and embroidery.


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The predictions are for "Sandy" meeting up with another system in our area resulting in unseasonally cold and windy weather for Upstate NY. My concern is for Kristen and Jean as it can result in delays and bad situations for them. I guess we and only cross our fingers and hope for the best.

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I would have thought all these dire predictions were too extreme but I read The Perfect Storm (much better than the movie!) and believe these storms can combine into something much worse than they could have been on their own. It's worth keeping an eye on it all to see how it develops.

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We've been fortunate here, so far, and it's moving off, I think. Not looking good for those north, however...have to agree with Kate...this is one to really be aware and mindful of. (and, yes, I know you're not supposed to use a preposition to end a sentence with! ;) )

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Saw this on the news and am hoping all of you along the east coast are safe. My thoughts turned to Jeanne and Kristene also, as they are touring in the NE.

We have had 2 days of snow in Colorado and freezing temps. Guess I will take that since the prediction is to be back in the 70s by Wednesday, over days of rain!

Be safe,

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Oh Poo. SE Ohio here and it puts us in the big red question mark. It was 81 yesterday. You could tell when the front hit from the west this afternoon. Bright and sunny and I went to get my flu shot today and threw a sweater in the car because they said cold could come on quickly. I was cooking an early supper and it was like someone turned off a lightswitch in the sky. Had to turn the lights on in the kitchen to finish cooking. bizarro.

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I have been thinking of all you east coasters today and hoping everyone is taking this seriously and preparing. I remember a storm last year where some people were without power and couldn't get out of their streets with all the trees down for DAYS! God bless you all!

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They are even predicting bad conditions for us here in Southern Ontario. DH and I are supposed to drive to Montreal on Tuesday for DD's convocation on Wed. DH has already looked into me going alone on the train His job title is "Co-ordinator of Water Control Structures" and he looks after 4 flood control dams and the channel systems in a large municipality so he may be very busy for the next week or so.
Stock up and stay safe my friends.


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Sandy brought us windy conditions today and we're on the west coast of Central Florida. Hope everyone who is traveling in and out of Sandy's path will use wisdom and be safe.


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1:30am in Orlando and the weather is fierce. Constant strong wind and some big gusts. Ocassional heavy rain. The neighbor's untrimmed palm tree's fronds are breaking off and whacking into our roof. The noise makes it hard to sleep. For us it should be finished by mid morning and we don't expect any damage other than a couple torn screens. I like the 'canes who stay this far off coast.

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Sandy is getting ready to pass by us on the NC coast. We have had rain and wind most of the day. Wind has picked up and hoping it doesn't blow too hard. 45-60 mile winds predicted. We are hoping by mid day tomorrow Sandy will be pass us. I hope NE folks stay safe and Sandy dies down before she get their way.

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We had some brisk wind today and rain was called for after 2 p.m. but it never happened. Next week's temps are supposed to be highs in the 50's and even 40's. Won't bother me as I will be in Key West, FL where the average daily highs will be in the low 80's. :o)


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Take care, everyone in the storm's path. We'll all be thinking of you. Lois (in calm, but cold, Minnesota)

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Praying for all those affected by Sandy.
Stay safe!
Keep in touch if you can.


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Here in the DC area has been windy & overcast since last night. Temps are in the 60s and dropping. I think rain is coming starting tonight.

Talked to Beverly briefly a little bit ago. Tim's running the MC Marathon and was getting ready to pass her viewing point. She'll call me tonight when they're done. At least the runners aren't getting rained on!

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Jen, Glad she checked in with you. I didn't know for sure if she got to go or not. Hope they'll be ok.


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Everything is closing in MD, Federal, State and County goverment offices are closed on Monday; however, the city of Baltimore is open on Monday...bummer for me :-( .
I was in Annapolis today, but left when I saw the local businesses facing the water putting up the plywood covers. Ya never know what Mother Nature will throw at ya! For those of us in the midst of it all...stay safe and stay dry.

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I'm certainly expecting a lot of rain and heavy winds but I will be okay as long as we don't lose power. Even then I will be okay during the day light hours because I have tons of natural light. I've got plenty of food, wine, water, fabric and good books to read.

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Talked to Beverly last night. Tim finished the Marathon in a respectable 5.5 hours and was pleased with himself. I told her it was respectable 1) that he ran a marathon and 2) that he finished a marathon, regardless of the time!

THey are hunkered down in their hotel. Can't see museums today as planned because all of DC is closed. May try to find a quilt shop... Ordered pizza last night, and when it was delivered, got another one free because of a mistake with someone else's order. So they have plenty of food to keep them full! One whole carryon bag was full of food too!

We have had light rains and 20mph winds all night. Heavier rains coming this afternoon/evening. Then the strong winds throughout the night. May even get some wet snow tomorrow morning... How weird!

Stay safe everyone!

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Yay Tim! Congrats!

We still have power - OMG - I cannot believe it!
I am still cooking like crazy getting ready.

The Gov has closed our roads - it is raining sideways - the water is rising - the wind is picking up - a Patio door - is leaking - the old one never leaked!

It is going to be a long horrible storm for many.

Please be safe everyone.

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I'm so worried about all of you. Take all precautions and keep in touch with us as power allows. Everyone stay safe.

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The storm is picking up here in southern CT.

1/3 of Annie's town is out of power.

We are expecting ours to go out at any time. There are so many trees here that it's a given. Just hoping that none land on the house!

We're all prepared for a week or more without power. We lost power for a week during Irene and then another week during the October snow storm one year ago.

Stay safe everyone!

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Hiya Folks,

I'm actually in NYC proper & was mandatorily evacuated (my bldg is directly at the edge of a bay & my area is quite low-lying & floodable, 3 blocks from the Ocean in Brooklyn).

I have taken a hotel room in Manhattan (didn't really have anywhere else to go). Happens I got a room in the heart of Times Square, talk about surreal. In the crossroads of tourist territory, particularly strange.

Odd here in NYC, mostly tourists & visitors left here, stuck in town due to canceled flights. Traditionally, both Broadway theatres & major museums are usually closed on Mondays, now most other stuff is closed here. All subways & bus services were discontinued Sunday night.

Equally strange, in the Hotel where I'm staying everywhere I turn, I hear Portuguese being spoken (I was raised in Brazil, I speak fluent Portuguese of a native, it's not a language one hears all that commonly), I thought I was having auditory hallucinations.

As to the Sandy the Storm, barreling up the East Coast

In the memorable words of NJ Gov. Christie,

"if it looks stupid, it is stupid" he said we can all take that as a good NJ rule.

Extrapolating further from succulent culture, but this time in the context of activities during these storms:

when in doubt about doing something in these extreme weather conditions, best not to

Be safe everybody & extra-careful pls. Hope you got all the plants secured & the quilts all safely indoors while still dry!

(And here I'd been looking forward to posting pix of my latest Foster Sans at Sans. Forum, the armload of them that came home w/ me from a plant meeting last Tues.)

Karen the displaced (no plants to play w/ or quilts to admire in hotel room, I may go batty!!) But I DID bring a quilt w/ knots to pop, so I'd have something quilty to do lest I lose my mind!!!

Am off to go explore Grand Central Station on its most unusual situation of being completely EMPTY!!

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My concerns go out to all who are in dangerous areas.
I was able to fly home today. (My flights were supposed to be tomorrow, but those were cancelled over the weekend. I was able to rebook. Both flights today went through with no problems, but I sure had a stressful time until I knew I could get a flight out. Hotels get old after awhile - happy to be home!)
As for Kristene, from Buffalo she traveled on to NH, and I know she arrived okay. Her flights were rebooked so that she left on Sunday morning. I hope she and the family she is visiting are all okay as the storm moves through New England.

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Glad you made it home, Jeanne, and that Kristene arrived safely at the next stop on her visit. Thank you for the info. Not hearing from those on the coast and not knowing how they are faring keeps me concerned about them. I saw pictures from DC so am wondering how Beverly and Tim are doing, too.


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Worried about so many! Bev & Tim, Fran, Marsha, Pirate Girl, Dawn, Jen, Kristene - plus Mary and all our other members in eastern Canada! I heard from Val and know she's OK, with very little damage around her home. If you are one of the watchers who visits the forum but doesn't post often, we're worried about you too!

Looking forward to everyone checking in so we know you made it through the storm.


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I am so releaved to know that Jeanne and Kristen made connections. I have been fretting about that since the weekend.
Can only hope everyone else has faired as well.
Keep watching an praying all is well.

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Glad to hear that Jeanne and Kristen made connectionsm, but has anyone had an update on Kristen's travel plans? Was she scheduled for a flight back to Australia???

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