Extension Jamb on Door - Hinge Clearance

kevin1900May 24, 2010

The carpenters who installed our exterior door aligned it to the exterior wall. It needs extension jambs inside.

I put on extensions yesterday, about 1-5/16" deep. The door will open 120 degrees or so but will then contact the trim. What is the proper way to address this?

There would probably be furniture behind the door to prevent springing it, but I'd like to know what is the proper arrangement.

Will swing-clear hinges work?


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Move the hinges to the edge of the jamb.

The extension jambs should have bee on the non-hinge side of the jambs.

Hinge knuckles need to be outside the jamb for the door to open fully.

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Yep, wider hinges are the answer, but not simple to come by.If you have 3 1/2" hinges now, you would need 5" hinges to clear the extension jambs and open 180*. But the change to the geometry of the door swing could make it rub at the latch side while opening. The wider the door, the less likely, however. A 24" door would rub badly, but a 36" maybe not at all.

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Going to just think about it for now.

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