Laundry / Furnace Area Update

yazkMay 18, 2010

Hi all,

We have an area, that is kind of part of the basement, kind of part of the garage, that houses our furnace, water heater and washer/dryer.

The walls are painted brick and the floor is concrete.

It's in desperate need of redecorating, but I'm not sure what to do with the walls. Adding drywall will be difficlut as I have so many electrical, ventilation, duct and water pipes. And just re-painting it wont look nice.

On the floor I will be using an epoxy paint (normally used in garages). Thought about using this for the walls but doubt it will adhere without running down the wall!

Any suggestions?

Thank You.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Try posting this in the decorating forum. There are some creative folks there.

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give bright white paint a chance. i'd remove all the old shelving and add new. give it an industral look and paint the ceiling another color. once you refresh the walls, add new storage units, a hanging rack, it will be fine.

be sure to clean your dryer vent and make sure it's approved metal.

what's the hanger on? hope it's not a pipe or electrical line...

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