Should I wait to remodel until I'm back at work?

Tracy5305May 17, 2013

I have been planning a major bathroom remodel since I bought this house 10 years ago. I am finally getting the peices together and the contractor is available in 4 weeks. I will be off for the summer with my 2 kids. We are very busy in the summer at the pool, camps, activities. We are in and out of the house. We have 3 bathrooms so the kids can use the one downstairs. My questions is: Should I hold off the remodel until I go back to work in August? I hate the idea of people being at my house all day when I'm here, but I really want to get this done. It might be nice to be here and available to the contractor and the subs, but the noise may drive me up a wall.

Any thoughts?

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I think it depends on how available you'll be to stop in and check on things once the kids are back in school and you're back to work. If your fall schedule is such that you'll be out of the house and an hour away before the contractor gets there, and not home until after he's gone, I don't think I'd wait until fall. If it were me, I'd want to do it during the summer, while I'm around to keep an eye on things and make quick decisions when presented with them. But I'm a bit of a control freak.

Also, I don't know the scope of your work, but it shouldn't be as noisy as, say, framing and roofing a new build. There will be noise with demo, and with whatever small amount of carpentry and drywall has to be done. The noisiest will likely be the tile saw, but you might be able to have that set up outside.

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I'd say you should just get it done, you've been planning it for 10 years! A bathroom remodel, even a major one shouldn't take longer than a week, he'll be in and out.

If you didn't have other bathrooms to use, then it would be a different story.

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Sophie Wheeler

Get it down now while you are available to make the decisions on site. Or, wait until the fall, but add another 3 weeks to the timetable to account for the times that the contractor needed a response from you but your schedule wouldn't let that happen so he moved on to another project to keep his workers busy.

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