Question about replacing door with 2x6 framing

roorezziMay 2, 2010

We have 2x6 framing and all the doors in the store are made for 2x4 construction. We are looking to replace our front door because there has been some rotting from the previous owners lack of care.

Anyway - one big box store said we were looking for special order and the price would just about double.

Another big box store said they sell extension kits to extend the frame and sill plate to fit the 2x6 framing.

Is this really do-able or not??? Pros and Cons??? Any do this?

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I'm not sure I understand the problem unless you are looking at pre-hung doors. A front door swings in. You hinge on one side and build a stop frame with one bys. My front door is 2" thick and the frame is 2 X 6. I haven't ever heard of front doors being built for only 2 X 4 frames.

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The standard throat/frame size of all residential door and window frames is 4 9/16" but 6 9/16" is always available for a small additional cost. If the store wants too much for the larger frame depth you should try a supplier that sells to professionals.

Since an inswing door frame is set to the interior face of the exterior wall, the big issue is the exterior projection of the threshold. If an extension is offered you must be sure it is adequately detailed and attractive.

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