HUGE mail surprise!!

quiltpartnerOctober 20, 2011

At the retreat Carol offered to send me her leftovers from her scrappy Christmas quilt. She had used Robin Pandolph's Folk Art Christmas I & III which I dearly love! WELL,...

yesterday I rec'd a WONDERFUL box chock full of not just FAC, but many more pieces of great fabrics - many of it yardage! - that I can't wait to use! It is very generous of you Carol, & as agreed, I've put together a similar box of fabrics for your Africa dress project. If there is anything in this box you can't use for that, feel free to use/disperse however you choose.

Quilters are so amazingly generous & helpful! Non-quilters don't all understand how we can so freely give to one another, but I think it's just an inate part of loving fabrics, creating treasures & wanting to spread some happiness & sunshine. Carol, you certainly did that for me! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! You're an angel!!


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Enjoy your surprise, it sounds great. Quilters are so generous! Be sure to post pictures of your projects.


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And we should all mention the boxes of fabric and books you brought to retreat for all of us, the leftovers from your shop. You are generous also. Quilters are all so good to each other and I'm fortunate to have gotten involved with all of you.

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I just finished unpacking my fabric suitcase yesterday! I had forgotten about the fabric that Cindy brought to Retreat for us all to take whatever we wanted (a fabric feeding frenzy!).
I took some off white on white seashells and lighthouse fabric - perfect shade for a particular project I am planning-and Katherine & I shared the some dog fabric. I had to resist the books, which killed me, because of the weight...the only book I took, was a book on sewing curves-that I already bought! ~ darn ~ I am going to post it later, and pay it forward.

How generous of Carol to share her extra fabric with Cindy!

I too feel fortunate to be part of this group!

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