Are you quilting this weekend? Oct. 11-13

lindaoh_gwOctober 11, 2013

I have not had time to sew this week except to put together some blocks that I started last month. With DH's physical therapy and other obligations, I have been busy every day. Today I have to mow the lawn and then take him to therapy. Next week I am going to Columbus to stay with DD while her DH is on a business trip. She has had a complicated pregnancy and he doesn't want her to be alone. We have people lined up to help my DH here at home. When I get home I HAVE to get the Christmas quilts quilted.
Are you sewing or quilting this weekend?
Linda OH

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Linda, I hope your daughter is okay. I'm sure it will ease both their minds to have you stay with her. And I hope your DH is recovering well from his surgery!

YES! I plan to quilt this weekend. Last weekend all I got accomplished was pinning one edge of a quilt back to the frame. :) I've been crocheting a mile a minute afghan in the evenings...I got about half of the last strip done last night, so now I'm motivated to get it finished!

So...tomorrow we take the cat to the vet for his annual checkup, then I should be able to quilt for the rest of the weekend. The third donation quilt is the one being loaded on the frame; once it's quilted I need to bind all 3 and they will be done.

We found out this morning that DH's step-mom is in the hospital so we may be making a trip to Lakeland this weekend.


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Linda it is so good that you are able to go and be with your daughter. I have been getting as much as 2 granny square blocks hand pieced most days this week. Hoping to make more of them this weekend, not totally sure what quilt project they will go toward yet, but I have a bunch of granny square blocks cut and am in a mood to hand sew. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Best to you,

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We've a pretty light weekend of activities, so maybe I can sew. I've slowly been making progress on a small little section at a time.

maybe I can also plug in AMy and see how she does...

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Linda, you have so much going on! Good for you to make it all happen!

I do plan to sew this weekend. DH is golfing with the neighbors and I'll be at the sewing machine, happy as can be!

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I am looking forward to quilting this weekend!!! We got new carpet in the whole house and have most of the furniture put back where it belongs. My sewing room is slowing getting back to "normal" if there is such a thing!

I have 2 wall hangings I want to make for birthday gifts. I made the 6 squares for each hanging by collecting and pounding leaves into unbleached muslin and they turned out great. I just plan to put sashing between, small border, and quilt around the squares. I made one several years ago and the leaves do fade to brownish golds and red-ish browns over time, mine still gets compliments.

I would like to sandwich a baby charity quilt, as well.

I have to squeeze in watching some football games and dog-sitting for DS, but that should be easy!

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Linda, Thinking of you and your family.

Yes, I hope to sew this week-end. I finally have the Maverick Star top together (it kind of morphed into wonky stars and 9-patches...which is really the sashing and cornerstones) and some of the squares for the first border, so hope to at least get them all together and onto the quilt top. Maybe even decide what to use for the next border. Also, I need to bring out a couple other tops in need of borders and decide on them. Plus, I want to start making blue and white 9-patches for a QOV...... :-)


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I have one seam to run on that quilt I've been working on a little at a time all summer. ONE SEAM. You'd think I could manage that. It would take ten minutes and it would be finished. LOL

You've had a really fragmented month of it Linda, and I know you miss your quilting, but also know what is priority for you right now. Of course I'm sure your daughter appreciates having her mother with her. That's a special bond. I don't want to be nosy but you've talked of the pregnancy so I'll ask how long now before you all can exhale with a new g'child?

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I mowed the lawn this morning and stopped for lunch at 12:30. I took DH to his therapy at 2:00 and came home and ran the lawn sweeper over the lawn. The grass was really thick this time and had more cuttings than I could leave on it. DH is rather picky about the lawn and I am trying to do it to his standards. lol
I am looking forward to spending time with DD next week. I know DH will be ok here at home. He is progressing very well with his therapy. He actually forgot his cane and walked across the kitchen without it a couple of times.
Calliope, thank you for asking about DD. She is due on December 4. We will all breath a sigh of relief when the baby gets here.
Happy Quilting!
Linda OH

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Donna, hope everything is OK with DH step-mom...

Jennifer, I was wondering if you'd put Amy through her paces yet.

I will be working on a project tomorrow (more likely tonight until 5 AM).... I have a friend whose birthday is the beginning of November and he loves homemade stuff... he actually wants me to teach him how to use his sewing machine so he can try to quilt... So, I'm working on a quilted tote bag (these are the side walls of it)... I found a video tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt company on Youtube and they made it look so easy. I've enjoyed it so far, but I'm not even halfway done and have had to use all of my machines just to get this far :o)

As a bonus, I'm making him a sleep mask... he mentioned the lights from the parking lot at his condo complex coming in his window at night and keeping him awake... I know his favorite color is pink, so I made this... I tried putting elastic straps on it when I assembled it I sewed them in the middle of the layers like you would a pillow tag, but somehow they were so crooked they looked awful... I chopped em off and decided I'll just fold the ends of the elastic band over and attach them to the front of the mask with a button hole or wide zig zag... so much more control that way and it will give me a chance to measure his head and custom fit the strap... he's had sleeping masks before and said the straps were always too tight.

I learned an important lesson last night (some of the best lessons are the ones we teach ourselves, I think)... I have trouble getting seams to match up when connecting blocks or rows.... I always have and it has given me such a headache in the past. I'd pin them perfectly on top of each other and it didn't matter how many pins I used, by the time I was done, they would be slightly askew. Last night, I realized that the presser foot and feed dogs were pushing the layers apart, even though they were pinned... I tried all three machines and even reduced the pressure on the presser foot... it didn't work. I stopped short of deciding to try to piece with the walking foot and instead decided to compensate myself for what presser foot and feed dogs do.... I pinned one with seems slightly askew instead of perfectly on top of each other, and had much better luck... the machines pushed the seams right together, exactly where they should have been! Lesson learned :o)

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Have you tried pressing the top seam allowance away from you and the bottom seam allowance toward you? This way, when the top block shifts slightly, it will 'catch' in the bottom one and 'nest' together. I've also been told that taking smaller 'bites' of fabric when pinning actually help keep things pinned in place better.


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I was able to get 14 burp cloths finished/done yesterday. That felt like a good accomplishment after I had to put my active UFO away after realizing I didn't have enough hand dyed fabric to finish it. This was one from a friend, and I thought all pieces had been cut. Apparently not! I can dye more of the green that I need, but don't have the prepared fabric...grrr. I'm not sure I can get the right yellow, though. So it got packed back up...I'd so hoped to finish it....

Not sure what today will bring. Still raining, so we'll be inside at least.

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Glad you got something done, Jennifer... Did you try Amy yet? Are you two becoming friends?

Thanks for the tips... I admit to taking pretty large bites with the pins, so I will try smaller ones and see if it helps. I have tried pressing like that, but it seems that when i do, the presser foot just pushes the seam back over the other way when it goes over it anyway... maybe a severe reduction in presser foot pressure is what's needed.

I sewed and ripped all day yesterday and totally lost myself in the project. I did more sewing than ripping, but I've recently fallen In love with the show Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (I never watched it when it was on in the 90s) and so I when I and to rip, I watched that.... I tried to take a shortcut and not use heat and bond on the diamond that I appliqued in the middle. I thought everything would be OK until I tried to quilt it and it puckered. Had to rip out all those blanket stitches and do it all over again right. No more shortcuts!

I made the bag a box bottom bag so it will sit better and I'd never done that before, but it was so easy. I tried to embellish with decorative stitches and I'm happy with they way most of them turned out, though a few of them didn't form perfectly I love the 9mm wide decorative stitches, but they sure use a lot of thread.

Now for the lining and handles....

Tomorrow I have to drive the place where I used to attend Sit and Sew (I haven't gone in several weeks due to work schedule conflicting) because we are having a retreat day next Saturday and I have to buy fabric... I could have gotten the fabric online, but the lady who is hosting the retreat and who hosts the sit and sews has a small home based business and I want to support her as much as possible. The retreat is from 8 AM to 5 PM... I was supposed to work that day, but requested a vacation day so that I can do it. The only problem will be getting up before noon... It's an hour away, so I'll have to wake up at 5 and that's usually just when I'm tearing myself away from the sewing machine to go to bed!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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No quilting here. It is our Thanksgiving tomorrow but we always celebrate on Sunday so the travellers can drive on Monday. The turkey is cooking and I can smell the lovely aromas already.
To all the Canadians here on the forum I hope you have a lovely day(s).
Ps and Happy Columbus Day as well.

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Well as of yesterday finished up 2 more granny square quilt blocks and I drew a pattern for a simple Saw Tooth 4" x 4" pin cushion and then made plastic templates for it. Since this is a family Christmas gift project for my mom, my sister said she would buy the fabric for the project and I will make it so that way it will be from both of us. So am eager to see what fabric she mails me during the next 2 weeks. It was stormy here last night, but luckily we did not lose power. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Best to you,

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Happy Thanksgiving! My thoughts are all positive for you, LindaOH. I've not pieced much this weekend. I've planted hydrangeas, and if they ever bloom I'll post pictures of triumph.

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Happy Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for.

Linda, I hope all goes well for your DD and GB! It is amazing what doctors can do today.

Sue, please post pictures of your fall design.

VF, thanks for the pictures. I do like scrappy!

By the time evening comes, I'm too brain dead to plan and cut fabric. So I have a brilliant idea. Cut fabric on Sunday afternoon to last all week. DUH! What took me so long.

1) I've cut backing and batting for the scrappy D9P laprobe I made a couple of weeks ago. I need to piece the batting, so I'll run up and so that so I can sandwich now.

2) I washed and will cut the fabric for Lotto.

3) I'll pull out my grandmother's garden blocks and see where I am with that. I can easily sew that while watching TV.

4) This week I want to start sewing the depression blocks I won from the Lotto, I think last November. So I'll plan that out today.

I'm looking forward to a great week of sewing in the evening.

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Well, I didn't think I would have time for sewing but I did get the quilt that has been loaded on the frame finished! I have the binding on and ready for the hand stitching. It is a challenge quilt for my quilt group.
I also cut the batting for 4 baby quilts and loaded the backing for the baby quilt I am making for DD on the frame. I hope to load the top after dinner and it will be ready for quilting. I'm not leaving for Columbus till Tuesday morning and hope to quilt tomorrow. I have a lot to things to do before I leave, so we will see how much I get finished.
Linda OH

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Well, I move at a snail's pace, and now I know why. Some bad health news explains it. At any rate, I do enjoy picking away at my projects when I'm up to it. This weekend I'm working on a quilt for a new baby for my nephew and his wife. It's by their request, which thrills me! I will be posting a request for advice on another thread.

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I think I am day late for Columbus Day greetings. But when company arrives, I lose track of time, days (sometimes months). My apologies

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I made a few flying geese but don't tell my doctor. I'm trying hard to be good but with my project staring at me, it's almost impossible.

If I can manage to sew strips on to center motif, I'll feel like a superwoman! Maybe it's the drugs talking, though.

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LINDA!!! You be a good girl and step away from the sewing room! The project can't stare you in the eye if you aren't in the same room!

I was actually able to load and quilt my grandson's baby quilt (the batik braid) this afternoon, and tonight I trimmed it up and cut binding strips. Sometime this week I'll get that made up and attached. My hands are hurting a lot today/tonight so I wouldn't have been able to hand sew it anyway.

I was also able to sort stuff for sale and donation (which comes to pick up on Tuesday), and I also did more laundry (it seems to have never ended this week) and pulled all summer stuff out of the girls' drawers in order to fill with winter stuff. Funny that long pants from the 5yo's drawer went right into the 2yo's drawer!

Trying to straighten before bed to be ready for school in the morning. Hope everyone was happy with what they accomplished this weekend!

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