foundation vents in stone veneer facade

reluctantartistMay 28, 2012

We're considering adding a decorative stone veneer (natural or cultured stone, not sure which yet) to the facade of our house. The veneered area would be from the ground to about 3 feet up on all faces of the house which are visible from the street. One of those faces, which currently has a stucco exterior, has several foundation vents positioned about 6 inches up from the bottom of the wall.

I am worried that the vent cutouts in the middle of the stone veneer will look very out of place and will destroy the visual effect of the veneer accent; DH, on the other hand, thinks that having vents in the middle of the stone accent area is no big deal.

It would help us a lot if we could see and/or hear how others have dealt with this issue. Did you choose dark stone so the vents would not stand out so much? Did you select stone sizes/formats that matched the vent shape so the vents would not stand out so much? Did you have your mason fit the stones around the vent, or did you have him just saw off the stones to accommodate the vents? Or, did you just not worry about it, like my husband?!

I would love to hear your opinions on this matter and see photos of your decorative stone/foundation vent interfaces if possible.

Thanks so much!

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Cast iron or bronze grilles in whichever design you deem appropriate; that's one way.
The other way I've seen (and this only works with 4" or more thickness) is to make the grate out of thin splits of stone vertically or horizontally with spaces for air in between; a stone louver.
The stones could be cut from flagstone or similar thin splits.

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Choose the color stone you want, then spray paint the vents to match (before installation).

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Hi everyone,
thank you very much for the good ideas! We will consider each of these ideas as we implement the new design.
Thanks again.

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