Transitioning paint on bullnose corners

sdionnemooreJune 8, 2008

Hi all! We're in the process of having our drywall finished (new home)and have decided to go with bullnose (rounded) corners instead of regular corner bead. One thing I hadn't really considered was how to transition paint color from room to room, so now I'm asking you all. Does anyone have pictures or can offer suggestions on how to transition paint colors when you have no clean corner to make the break?

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I don't have them but have seen them done to the end of the bull nose then use painters tape to get a nice edge. I also run caulk done the tape so it doesn't bleed under.

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I have new construction with rounded corners, too. Just looked at mine and the painter rounded the corner with one color and then started the next. He taped and painted.

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Thanks dd and parma. Could either of you supply a picture? I think I know what you mean, but a pic would clinch it for me. I'm very visual. Thanks!

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Rounded corners!? This is a new one for me.

Inside corners or outside corners?

Can someone post a photo?

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How funny! I'm wondering the same thing! My builder did the bullnose and I love the look of it but am stumped with paint. I also would love to see pictures!

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I snapped a few pictures of this and the crown / base molding that goes around the bull-nose. Hope it helps!

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Tinker's is just like the way my corners are painted.

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Great! Thanks again. I love bullnose corners.

mclarke: Instead of an outside corner being a sharp right angle, they are rounded. It's just a little detail that is different but adds interest. HTH.

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sdionnemoore we have bullnose corners in our current house as well as our last house. I prefer to change colors at a corner in the room instead of on the bullnose. I always do my own painting though. Tape just didn't give me a clean line (and straight lines are not my thing). I haven't heard of dd50's tip of running caulk down the tape. What kind of caulk? Clear silicone that can be pealed off?

Here is an example of what was at our new house. I don't suggest putting these two colors together at the bullnose :)
(the green was much brighter in person - like grass green)

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I have seen homes with a line like this, but I have never seen a clean, straight line. I have been looking into this because I am trying to talk my husband into painting the kitchen but he doesn't want to end up with a jagged ugly line going into the hall and dining room. I found a tool that actually blends the colors on the corner at Has anyone tried it? I have not seen them anywhere but they do sell them from the web.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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