House swapping? (Trade)

dazzlemewithcolorOctober 13, 2009

Does anyone have any experience with house trading? Interested in a home and owner is interested in downsizing and possibly swapping houses. Cons, pros? Any tips or advice?

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been thinking of that myself, would like to trade my mich. place for a fla. place.

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We did that once, not by plan, but by coincidence. We were a growing family bursting out of our condo, and she was an empty nest widow looking to downsize.

We both wanted to sell before we could buy.

This was back in the days when people actually sat down at the closing table together. We had both closings at the same time. On paper it was two separate transactions, but it was all arranged by the title company such that she was somehow able to buy our condo from the sale of her house. We had to bring two checks, one for the sale (ouch!) and one for the purchase.

Then we went home and moved in/out together. The two places were about five miles apart.

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What a nice story, Susanjn!

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Thanks, Nancy. It was a very pleasant transaction. We even bought a couple items from her garage sale - which we still have 20 years and two moves later.

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