Medallion Cabinet Disaster

duckheadApril 28, 2010

This is a warning to anyone remodeling a kitchen and thinking using Menards or installing Medallion Cabinets.

We ordered our Medallion Oak Park cabinets in quartersawn oak and pecan finish on January 28, 2010 from Menards in Effingham, IL. We have now sent cabinets back twice because they are incorrect. In our first order, seven of the approximately 22 cabinets were wrong or damaged and we had to reorder five of them. An additional one had the wrong drawer hardware included but we kept it and are exchanging the hardware ourselves. THe last one was wrapped so tightly in plastic that it buckled in shipment.

Four of the five that we reordered had printed plastic sides that would have been exposed; we paid to have the quartersawn end pieces. The fifth, the large upper corner cabinet, came with half quartersawn and half regular cut oak on it. It looked bizarre.

We received the five reordered cabinets on the 17th of April. In that shipment four of the five cabinets had some problems, and one was severe enough to require the re-ordering of yet another new cabinet. Of the four with problems, one had the wrong door (we were able to swap the door with one we were sending back). One upper cabinet had the shelves shipped upside down so that the plastic laminate side would have been exposed and the quartersawn veneer would be hidden. We were able to flip the cabinet vertically so that the quartersawn edge would be exposed and then flipped the shelving hardware. A third cabinet, a base cabinet, also had the plastic laminate side exposed and the veneer sides hidden, which was exactly the same problem in the cabinet that was originally shipped. Because it was a base cabinet, we could not flip it vertically. We sent that one back and reordered. Finally, the large upper corner cabinet had quartersawn and regular oak mixed on the front plate of the cabinet. Our carpenter did not notice that mix of woods until after he had installed it on the wall. I requested that Medallion refund the cost of hte cabinet or ship a new one and pay for the cost of reinstallation. They replied that the cabinet met their specifications and they would not do anything for me.

Finally, today, the last cabinet arrived and my wife went to pick up up after being told that the people at Menards had inspected it and it was correct. Low and behold, the internal slides for the drawers were not the full extension kind that we paid for.

Bottom line: We have been without a kitchen since January largely because we chose to shop at Menards and buy Medallion Cabinets. They are low quality, frequently shipped with errors, and the company will not stand behind their products. Go any other direction if you are shopping for cabinets!

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I bought my schrock cabinets from menards in nov 09 and had them installed Jan 10. My order came in perfect from menards and the cabinets are all great. Sorry your experience with medallion cabinets was so horrid!

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I would say that the bulk of your issues are Menard's fault and the 'sales clerk' they hired. They failed to educate you on Medallion's specifications and they botched the order. Their QS Oak has some regular cut's in the spec book. It's also red oak. I prefer QS White I refer my clients to Showplace Cabinets. They have great looking QS Oak cabinets with no mix of regular cut (I am pretty sure on that)...maybe except for some moldings.

I think that the cabinet manufacturers should wake up to the home centers. The people running these departments, usually have no business working there. They are NOT qualified! If they do offer cabinets to a home center...simplify it for these people, whom rarely have more than 3-5 yrs of experience. Don't do a full line offering.

I have been selling/designing with Medallion for over 10 years. I rarely have an issue with their customer service.

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Beware Medallion does not honor their warranty! We purchased $18,000 of cabinets from them. Not one single cabinet out of the box is good. Open miters on every door & drawer front, cracks all over the place gaps inside the cabinets, and the stacked cabinets don't match up at all. The range hood is cracked and scratched so badly we didn't even take it out of the box all the way. They are only offering us $5,000 credit towards a new set of cabinets. #medallionfailsoncraftmanship

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