Survived the Storm

fran1523October 30, 2012

It's Tuesday morning, the sun is coming out, and we still have power. Later today I'll show you the UFO's I finished yesterday while waiting for the power to go out. Hope everyone else fared as well.

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That's good news, Fran! Where do you live? My sister is in DC. I haven't talked to her but heard on the news the Fed. gov't has been shut down yesterday & today. I hope she's enjoying her vacation days! LOL


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Good news, Fran!

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Glad to hear you are well. Wonder if Bev and Tim ever got out of that hotel and headed home. I'm sure some are without power so we'll get news eventually.

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I'm back - and my power has been restored.
I was prepared for a week without power, but the power company was prepared for over 1 million outages - and there were less than 200,000 - my county had the most. There also
power companies from other states here prepared for the massive outages. The wind has completely settled down allowing the bridges to reopen, and the crews to work.

Alot of clean up - trees down - uprooted - high water with more to come from the Bay surge- but overall we personally were spared. The house across the street was not!

Thanks for your concern.

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Glad you all survived the storm and are doing well.

Best to you,

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Happy to hear the damage wasn't as bad as expected and everyone is fine so far.
We were on the edge but no problems for us just wind and rain which was ok.

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We fared pretty well here. We never lost power, and though we had some wind, it never rattled the windows or house.

Jason has been working on his weather belt loop for cubscouts and has kept track of temps and rain. We've 'officially' gotten 5.6" of rain, which is nothing compared to further north.

Things are calm here, though overcast and still drizzly.

Trish last night posted on Facebook at 11:30 she'd finished helping to clear a pinetree that came down across their street and into their damage to their house, etc.

Beverly & Tim are here in DC, they fly out on Thursday. Hopefully by then the flights will be back on track. Federal Gov't is closed again today, so I don't think they will be able to do museums today, but I just tried to call her and didn't get an answer. So they may be out busy finding something to do. They did meet some nice folks during the marathon and they were going to have a party in the hotel last night!

I'll update as I hear more.

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I'm glad that others seem to have made it through so far without much damage.

Marsha! I'm surprised that you got power back so soon!!!

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Glad to hear that so far none of our "family" has been too harshly affected by the storm! I have been thinking of all of you on the east coast and praying you were safe!

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Just talked to Beverly. They are doing fine...have survived on pizza, Starbucks and chips! lol

The subway system is back so they are adventuring out this afternoon. And Tim's cousin who lives in McLean VA is still without power, so they are joining Beverly & Tim in town tonight for dinner.

Though they saw some snow last night, there was nothing extreme on their end weatherwise. They may see some stuff while out today, but no direct impact. They're doing fine!

[Internet isn't working for them, so I'll update as I hear from them.]

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Jennifer, I talked to my sister in DC, too...she said it rained a lot yesterday but not much else. She's enjoying her 2 free days. :)


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I'm so glad to hear that everyone who has checked in with the forum survived the storm with little or no damage. But what an incredible mess! I can't imagine how you even begin to deal with it. I hope those we haven't heard from fared well too.

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We just had a small leak at the house and a small leak at my office - the buildings don't usually have the rain pelting them from the north! A couple tree branches came down, but not real big ones and they didn't land on anything. And best of all, we never lost power. We are now getting the backside of the storm but the rain/wind is much less.

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Sandy passed directly overhead our little town, but the folks batten down the hatches and all was well, no flooding, no power loss, just lots of branches and leaves!
I reported to work on Monday, but we shut the agency down at noon. The drive home was the most tedious, lots of low level flooding, but it was still early. Tuesday, the city closed...which rarely happens, so a day free! Others did not fare well at heart goes out to them, I feel blessed and fortunate. Glad to hear others in our forum faired ok.
Now I gotta go back to the office free sewing day...bummer!!!

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It is wonderful to hear that our members, so far, have all survived with little damage. It's strange how the damage varies so greatly, really from one block to the next.

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I am back. Internet just came back up and I am a happy camper. We got to see mast of the monuments today and hope the museums are open tomorrow. Tim's cousin took us to Carlyle's for dinner. WOW the food was great I really recommend the salmon. Gonna eat there again.

Our flight out is Thursday at 12:15. They should have everything sorted by then. Thanks for checking on us.


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Glad everyone is ok. Thanks for checking in. Sandy didn't make it far enough north to be a real concern for us although we had an incredible amount of thunder and lightning last night. Very unusual for this time of year.


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Finally catching up on my email and forum postings after spending a few days in the opposite directions - Key West, Florida. So glad to see that most everyone is in good shape after this horrible "storm of the century." The name "Sandy" is being retired by the weather service, so she can join the other girls and boys who have been retired - Katrina, Rita, Andrew, Floyd, Hugo, Hazel, etc.


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Wonder if Beverly and Tim were able to leave.....


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Sharon, they re in DC, right? My sister lives there and she said they had rain on Mon. but no other effects from the storm,so I'm sure everything is normal at the airports.


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Flights into and out of DC were normal by Tuesday... Had a friend fly in from Houston through Atlanta with no difficulties.

Bev & Tim were scheduled to fly today at 12:15, so I expect they're getting home mid-afternoon, 1 hour time difference, and travel from whichever airport they used.

I'm sure she'll check in soon.

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