Wonder tool to unclog bathroom sink

catfishsamOctober 3, 2007

We are always having trouble with the sink in the bathroom. It clogs up with hair so it doesn't drain well. Since our house is on the market, it is important that we keep the drain working well.

My wife found a tool in the plumbing department at Walmart yesterday. It was called "zip-it" and was suppose to unclog drains. It is just a long plastic flexible tool that was inexpensive. It only cost $2.00.

My wife put it down in the sink drain in the bathroom this morning. She instantly pulled up a lot of hair that was causing problems. She put in there a few more times and cleaned it out completely.

Now the water runs out of the sink rapidly.

So this is a wonderful cheap tool that works wonders.

So have you tried this tool or have problems with your sinks?

Here is a link that might be useful: Zip-It

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On the package, it said to throw the tool away after using. My wife doesn't agree with that and just hung it up so she can use it again.

I agree that it should last for a lot of cleanings.

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Looks like it would work if the clog was just a short ways down.

I've got this thing from QVC & it's saved us hundreds of dollars on plumbers. It's completly reuseable & works on just air pressure so no chemicals. I've used it at least a dozen times in two different houses with perfect, first time success.


Here is a link that might be useful: Drainer Cleaner thing...

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Can't find the "drain cleaner thing" Triciae.
Kathy G in MI

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Thanks for this! I just went and bought one. I was wondering about the throwing it away thing, that just seemed wasteful!

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Sorry, I guess QVC doesn't let you link direct to a product?

Anyway, it's Item #V25046.

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I'd be incline to buy one of those metal drain screens so the hair doesn't go down the drain at all. I have them in my bathroom sink. You'd be surprise how much hair one of those things can catch in a day and they are a lot easier to clean up.

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I am amazed by how well the sink drains since my wife used that tool on it this morning. The water really drains quickly.

I am really happy since a slow draining sink is a major pain to me.

Carol, we thought about buying one of those drain screens, but this works so well, I don't think we will now.

Since we are still showing the house, I don't think the drain screen would look as nice.

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Best thing I've found is to plug the overfill drain with a finger and to use a toilet plunger (yes, on the bathroom sink drain) once a month. Nothing beats regular maintenence.

First time I did this you wouldn't believe the crud that came up... but boy the sinks drain quickly now!

Technique is important (whether on a toilet or a sink). Your first push should be gentle to get the air out, and then vigorously plunge up and down to make the water in the pipes go back and forth. Do it about 20 times, while maintaining a good seal around the plunger and the sink (or toilet bowl). The back and forth of the water inside the pipes has a kind of scrubbing action that will do wonders to keep the pipes draining quickly. The best time to do this is BEFORE you need to.

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I swear by the Drain King. It's available at Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowe's, probably Wal-Mart, etc. for about $5. It's a rubber device that attaches to the end of a garden hose. You stick it and the hose about 12 inches down the drain. I don't know exactly how it works, but pressure builds up and it blasts out the pipes. I've had mine for years and it's terrific. I like that there are no chemicals involved. It is a nuisance to run the garden hose through an open window, but it works like a charm.

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catfishsam, thanks for the product review. I just bought some of those things from Don Aslett's store. I haven't gotten around to using them yet.

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I second the plunger. When that fails I pull out the auger (snake).

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catfishsam - thanks for posting that.

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I have one and love it! I use it on the tub too.

I always assumed they tell you to throw it out because 1. you'll have to buy another 2. they have a defense if you cut yourself on the little 'fishhooks' trying to clean it.

The trouble with the little screens is that they get cruddy themselves, and have to be cleaned with an old toothbrush. Mine turns black after a while unless I clean it regularly. Also, hair and stuff will find its way into your drain no matter what.

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The air pump sounds great. I only worry that someone, somewhere has a drainage system that can't withstand the pressure. Guess if it's that fragile, a break is going to happen anyway?

(Thinking of the problems people have had with those suction cleaners for air ducts pulling the ducts apart at the seams.)

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