Boy those rotary cutters are sharp!

lafonda_ranchOctober 10, 2011

I'm still not exactly sure how I did it, but I rolled the blade right up the ring finger on my right hand yesterday. If it wasn't for the nail, I'd probably have stitches in the finger. It went up the nail about an inch. It's pretty sore (even today), but I didn't let it stop me! I put a band aid on it and kept cutting and stitching. At least I'm left handed and it wasn't my index finger!


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Been there, done that! Camp Cheerio 2010.

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It looks like I'm in good company :-)

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One of our members had a nasty cut with hers. I'll let her post and tell about it.

I have protective gloves but forget to wear them.

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Ouch!!Having cut myself I appreciate your pain. I know the gloves are supposed to work but to bulky for me but a good idea if they work.
Be careful of infections and congratulations on your brave determination to

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Owie! I've done that, too! :) But you get in the sewing mode, and you just can't bandaids have to do until the project is done! (y'all know what I'm saying!)

But a few years back, my youngest son (who was 6 at the time!) decided to run his finger along the blade, just to see how sharp it was. He ended up needing stitches from the top of his middle finger down to the first knuckle. What made it worse is that he hid from me after he did it, so I had to follow his blood trail and assure him he was NOT in trouble, just needed to get his finger sewed back on.
Definitely one of the most dangerous tools in my craft drawer! (which is now locked, BTW!)

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Eeeuuuuwww! I did something similar the second time I ever picked one up. Almost quilt using it but they are just so darn handy. Glad you survived it!

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I knew this lady that forgot to close hers,then knocked it off the table onto her Barefoot.She had a major cut,stitches,and was on crutches for a few days.It cut her deep,and the fact she was working with the 60mm didn't help any either.

I was working in a quilt store at that time,and as we sold them we gave friendly lectures on how to use them,and cautioned them against accidents.

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All these stories makes you be especially aware when you use this tool. Don't get in a hurry or let your guard down. I've almost yelled at my kids when they pick up my cutter to be sure they know that it is so sharp.

But why does it seem so dull when I'm cutting my fabrics?????

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Oh Robbie --you are so lucky! I know it hurts. Band-aid makes these cool bandages for fingers & knuckles. I sliced my knuckle with a very sharp Chef's knife about 3 weeks ago; I was finally able to stop wearing the Band-aid while I was at Camp Cheerio. It healed more in those few days in the crisp air & keeping it dry then in the 2 weeks prior with wearing a butterfly and Bandage. I'd like to think it was the healing powers at Camp Cheerio~LOL.

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