Exterior Door '??' Reverse Installation

summer_in_alabamaApril 28, 2006

In process of remodeling kitchen. Currently have exterior door into garage. Will be putting an exterior door also in the kitchen out to fenced in back yard. (No more having to go out kitchen garage door and around to back yard. Will be building a small landing and deck where the new exterior kitchen door will open onto.

I bought a new steel door with built in framing. The top half is window. I got the door for only $20.00 from a thrift store. It is brand new and in excellent condition.

I want to put this door in for the kitchen-backyard door.

The only problem I've encountered is it opens opposite the way I want and also when the door swings open into the kitchen it will take up to much space around the new sitting bar area. I've decided it would be better for the door to swing open outside onto the deck area. I know most houses the doors open to the inside and not the outside and reverse for businesses. "I definitely want the door to swing out to the outside deck."

My Question is can I install this door "Reversed" (inside out - outside in) and how would I resolve the issue with the metal threshold being on the inside of the house and not the outside? How would I do the threshold for the outside? Do not want the metal threshold showing on the inside. Will be installing new ceramic floor in the kitchen.

I'm really hoping I can do a Reverse Installation with this door. Money is tight and couldn't pass up a brand new steel door for $20.00 knowing I was needing a door for the kitchen.

P.S. - You should see the brand new Pella Designer Series 4'x4' window with mini blinds between the double panes I got at the thrift store again just for $20.00. Know just where i'm putting it (in storage for that future remodeling project).

Thank you for reading my "backwards remodeling project"

Details of how to make this happen would be so appreciated!

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I'm not quite sure I understand your problem. The threshold plates on my doors are about six inches wide with a rubber gasket in the middle. Regardless of how you install the door, part of that plate will show inside the house. Look at your other doors. You can certainly reverse the door if you want but the swing will also be backwards. When we had and area around the door to our patio tiled they tiled up to the threshold plate not under it. The plate needs to be level to provide proper sealing.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

The door was a good value, but you can't use it. It's not field reversible once it's handed (bored for handset) and hinged to the jamb. Besides, an outswing and inswing is a major difference in build.

You'll need to resell and invest in a properly handed, outswing door.

Viewed from the outside, if you want the handle on your left(door swings right), it's a left handed outswing, if you want the handle on your right(door swings left), it's a right handed outswing.


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You will have to build a new frame for the door in order to reverse the swing. It may be possible to take off the old threshhold, depending on how it is attached to the old frame. Then possibly reverse the frame on the threshhold.

You will not be able to install a storm door with the outswing kitchen door, however.

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I may be wrong, but I believe the poster has no intention of reversing the swing...only the entire unit. I believe it is just turning the thing 180 degrees...so it opens out instead of in.

Unorthodox,...but doable.

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If you read the post, the question is what about the threshhold if the door is installed backwards----it will extend into the room---and the poster does not it showing. That means simply reversing the whole assembly is not an option.

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You are going to have to purchase an outswing door. I put one from the house to the attached garage. The gasket for the door is different than an in swing door the hinges are different, they are made that the pins are not removable. The gasket is made so the door compresses against it to seal tightly when the wind blows against the door.

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I agree 100% with the advice you've been given.

Have you thought about a slider? Maybe that would work for you.

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Installing a door with the hinges to the outside makes it easy to remove the hinge pins and therefore gain entry to your home. Outswing doors are manufactured with special non-removable hinge pins for security reasons.

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I too have an exterior door that opens out instead of in. The only issue was when I wanted to add a screen door. I put a retractable screen door inside but it's a bit of a nuisance to use more than once or twice a day. But a beaded curtain took care of flies, and at the mosquito hour, I use the screen. Probably in Alabama you're on AC all the time anyhow.

Those other guys have some good points, but I think you could "peen" the hinges, and I'll bet once the door's installed there's a way to cut out all or part of the threshold and install what you want. Where exactly is this thrift store anyhow!

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Remove the threshold and replace it with a out swing threshold or with a wooden one. remove the hinges and replace with fixed pin hinges. Tada door is now an out swing.

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So, here's a question, what do I do to reverse an out swinging door. I want to hang a screen on the outside swinging out, but want to move the door inside so it will swing inwards. We live in Colorado so in the winter we will probably take off the screen door so we can scrape the deck off (snow removal. What needs to be done for the threshold and also the door has an inside cut to fit into, would I cut the threshold as well? the inbetween left over wood would only be about 1/4 inch wide then - doesn't make sense to me - that's why i am asking



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