Best place to obtain ones credit Score???

airforceguyOctober 5, 2009

Ok, we are possibly going to refinance our Condo, then rent it out, and then buy a house in Spring 2010. Which internet site is the best place for one to obtain their actual credit score? I realize one can check the 3 main companies once a yr for free, but they do not provide you the actual #. I see, Would their "Score watch" be worthwhile?? of course one would have to double the $$ if one wanted to have ur spouses credit score as well! Any recommendations would be great. thanks

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As non-tech, non-automated as it is... the CHEAPEST way is to get your Pre-Approval done by a loan pro. Specify that you want to pay up front for your full joint trimerge report with scores (the industry gets them much cheaper than the public.) Ought to be under $30 for all 3 scores for both of you, PLUS your full liability and public records report.

Dave Donhoff
Leverage Planner

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Once again, you rock Dave, ty

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If you are pretty sure your credit is good then you can get it from your lender when they pre approve you.

The article attached explains how to get it free from the credit bureaus.

You might think about paying for monitoring until after you buy your condo so your aren't surprised by something between now and then

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Get Your Free Credit Report

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Dave is off here unfortunately a lender score query is a 'hard' inquiry, which places a dent in your fico score of approximately 10 points. Myfico has a good deal, just cancel prior to the end of the free trial.

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You are entitled to get your credit reports free from all 3 major credit bureaus once a year. But they do not have to give you a free credit score, which is different. I believe they estimate the credit score, which is usually close to, but not identical to the Fair-Isaac scoring. FI is what most lenders use. is the consumer website run by Fair-Isaac.

Remember your credit score is constantly being updated, so it will always change from month to month.

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The FTC recommends They even have a video ad for it on the FTC YouTube channel that you can view at

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If you already have a mortgage, your mortgage holder can tell you what your credit score is - free of charge.

The only reason to pull your actual credit reports, is to prevent identity theft and ensure any problems are thereby dealt with.

Having said that, depending on the nature of your relationship with your mortgage holder, you might negotiate directly with them that any negative hits are brought to your attention.

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Thanks all. Our mortgage dude got gave us our # and a copy of the report. All is great. Now only if he communicated better,lol is it really that difficult after telling him 4 times not to call my wifes cell phone during the day, but to contact us via this #?? lol He just isn't a detail guy,lol Thanks

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Hi Bushleague,

My advice is and was completely accurate. Further, although a hard mortgage inquiry can be a 3-7 point hit to scores (not 10) all hard mortgage inquiries taken within a 45 day rolling window are calculated for scoring purposes as only a single inquiry.

Further, although MyFico offers a "free trial" you get nothing more than you pay for, unfortunately. They *ONLY* provide your Experian FICO score. Mortgage underwriting qualifies you on the score that ranks in the middle from all 3 bureaus; Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.

Knowing just one of them (even if for free) doesn't do you much good.


lol He just isn't a detail guy,lol

Uhhh... you're putting an assumedly large financial transaction in the trust of someone who's not a detail guy? What was it on the upside that had you decide he was a good financial advisor?
Good luck there pal!

Dave Donhoff
Leverage Planner

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We contacted MANY banks and tried comparing apples to apples, some made it easy, some did not! My wife is very very thorough, asks a zillion questions and takes notes, so she is more in the know with refinancing than I am! The bank we are going with (same one that has our current mortgage)gave us the best deal. And maybe I'm just over reacting ,but I don't like to waste peoples time, not do i like wasting there's. Have told him 4 times--3 on the phone and 1 in an email, Do NOT cal my wifes cell phone during the day, as she leaves it in the car, please contact us at this # instead. But hey, keeps calling the cell,lol He leaves a msg on my cell phone yesterday for some info he needs, ok, cool, he isn't calling my wife anymore (find out thats not true, as he had left a msg earlier on in the day on her cell,lol) So I email him with the information. On the subject line I say please reply to me so I know you got the message! He doesn't reply to me, so I have to cal him and ask, and yep, he saw my email! So instead of saying thanks dude via email, have to call him up! oh well! I have the old estimate sheet from our last refinancing a few yrs back and it all looks good! I'm really an easy going guy, and don't expect a whole lot of attention from others. Oh well as long as it closes Nov 16th. Already have his bosses phone # and have kept a log of all the stuff that has gone a little slow. Home appraisal was today, so hopefully it went well!! Thanks dave

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